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The Music Plays

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on August 12, 2012 - 11:03am

Working on concentrating and focusing like never before.

The last 2 years has been a whirlwind... I couldn't concentrate on my own personal success and blessings. All the attention has been on helping other people and now I realize that there is a better way to do it.

The art of learning to ignore the things I don't need. It's funny that all wants to be followed on twitter for example. There is a need for people to be influencial and I included. But the key is to focus only on what is good and never mind the rest. They will eventually follow in time or find something else. I know things that I know...I've tried and tested them.

One thing I learned...One can not lead the Holy Spirit...Holy Spirit leads. There are things I prayed for that gets answered quickly. There are things that takes time. My intuition has been growing but my lack of concentration and focus was limiting.

There was a time when I wrote journals for Jesus all the time. All requesting this and that. Many acts of gratitude. I have not done that lately. My friends from church has been teaching me the joy of gratitude. My life has been much more peaceful than before. God knows I try to help. I even helped Israel on twitter. I can see that they are on their own being fortified by many more supporters. The momentum is going...going...going.

The media is remolding and the division is greater. The happy vs. not so happy. The good vs. not so good...The nice vs. not so nice. The one's who honor Yeshua vs. the ones who has not done so. All these terms democrat, republican, liberal, conservative...don't matter. It will matter if they are good or not. That's as simple as that! 10 Commandments is still the baseline of moral, spiritual and joyful living. Hope many catches on.

So now I will only follow those who I know speaks the the truth, those who love and those who are open to the joy of salvation. I will no longer follow every mockers...but I will however let a few - but only in good humour! I still don't fully understand why I love Joan Rivers. The Grobanites of course! The comedians yes! And a few handpicked crowd of celebrities that does GOOD THINGS!


I don't expect a great no. of followers...Only those who wishes to be blessed and only those whom I wish to pray for. If I see that that they are on the deep end. I pray for them and block them off. That's all I can do. I can not help those who are fascinated and obsess with severe activism geared towards self-destruction of community and self. They are better left to their own device. It's no longer and never was my call. I tried to stir them to the Love of God but I ended up getting tripped. It was a fair game and for a while it was fun. But it's not my Forte. I should never let them take my joy. I will leave them to their own device as they please and continue with mine.

Do not bless those who do not deserve blessings. In time with the appointed people they will come home. Long as I am with the Lord Jesus Christ they will not triumph against me.

I prayed for important things while I drove 40 miles...For Grace, Obedience and Love and for that to flow. I prayed for good influence in the media...Good tidings, good music...good music... good music and wonderful inspiration. That the youth will hear good music and come closer to the Father in heaven. Meanwhile...I pray for inspiration beyond measure and for the joy of Romance, Love and Faith.

I want all my friends and family to be severely blessed and yes! Josh Groban to be no. 1 in the Music. The Year Music Plays Once Again!

Love Per Sempre,

Jacqueline Sharon

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