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on September 6, 2012 - 12:37am

Got an invite for Stand Up here in Marin. Del Van Dyke is coming so it should be great. I can do my skit like I used to. It's gonna be fun on the 14th of September. I'll be inviting some friends. I'll be incorporating some of my concert trips just for the fun of it. I might do one on twittering Josh Groban. It might be too much to discuss Quickie song...I'm not sure if the audience is ready for my Soprano Bit. I'd like to buy the world a Josh..And furnish it with grass! Grow poppy seed and honey bees...And snow white turtle doves... (now I don't mean to hurt any feeling...I just happen to have these pop in my head and it's the darn naughty fingers fault to write them here!)

I sure hope I don't butcher the songs. I promise to light up the stage. Perhaps with a still-a-toe!

I have more to say but I gotta get some sleep...

Good nite bunnies...Grobunnies!

PS I have so many stories to write in this journal but I will get my bunny dreams on and write them another time. They look really cute along with some Joshy songs.

Many thanks to the Grobanites who made The Journal so much fun and accessible. You are always in my and night!

Las Guitarras Baby! And I'm cracking some eggs.

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