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A change in the weather.

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on October 19, 2012 - 11:45pm

It was hot and muggy with an eerie stillness in the air for most of the day. In late afternoon, the sunshine began to fade in and out with dark shadows racing by as if caught in time-lapse and then they suddenly stopped. I looked out to see a heavy deep gray fog hanging in the sky, darkening the landscape as the temperature dropped to a cool and comfortable degree.

While gazing toward the bay, my eyes caught sight of the common white wall of fog resting atop the water, only to realize that I was looking between two completely different fog banks... a sight that I had never seen before.

There have been changes in Josh's postings as well. It's good to see Josh laughing and joking while working, having fun making this new album, the "follow up album" to Illuminations. Laura Mende has done a fabulous job with the "In the studio photos" with the musicians, Josh's friends, producers, unusual musical instruments, even the recording equipment with Josh's glasses and the special peak at two new songs was exciting, although the songs are dark. Josh has also changed his twitter profile page from the sparkling white of Illuminations to flat black. So I can only wonder if he is in a place where the eye does not see.

Josh clearly stated that "Illuminations" was extremely personal. The songs are of deep emotion and seemingly confusion, the cover photo held a hint of bewilderment in his expression. This was someone reaching out in the best way he could, through music and song; and since I felt this, I have wished for Josh to receive the answers that he wanted from his Illuminations songs, "Higher Window," "Hidden Away" and others where he put his heart on the line. In the meantime while in anticipation for the new "follow up" album and Josh's next adventures, I will continue to send Josh positive energy and light for all that he wants to fulfill his life; he is truly deserving!

© 2012JR Photo: Fog banks.

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