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Wonderful Sunday...

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on November 25, 2012 - 10:36pm

Started out late for Church but it was a good service. Had the chance to say hello and chat with friends. Went on a date...That was alright to say the least. Free meal. Good topics...absolutely nothing too important. Then off to get my glasses, run for some cards at Barnes and Nobles. File papers and organize items at home. I'll be having a bunch more paperwork to do. Taxes for next year and a bunch of phone calls to make tomorrow. Got a roadside assistance and called families for Card preparation. Endless errands but I'm hanging in there. My friend came over to help with some filing.

I should get back on my joke writing...I have a lot more new ideas but I'm not sure which one is appropriate.

I'm starting my New Years goals. Cherish each day...Sing to praise the Lord Jesus Christ...Dance to loose weight...Make daily errands and organize items with more consistency. Prepare to be a good partner and plan to one day have a child. My biggest job is to be one in the spirit...Forget about the does and don't...Just be one with the Spirit of the Goodness. Practice more peace and more loving with people. Forgive everyone. Start a new day fresh with a greatful heart. Write to friends and family and wish them well with much grace and love. And Yes! Sing duet in Soprano. Meet Josh Groban.

Each day is a miracle and cherish that which is good. I'll be writing poems for my family.

Love always,


P.S. I know one day when I part this world...A song will be sang for those whose lives I touch.

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