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Forgiving and Giving thanks!

EstherT1's picture
on November 27, 2012 - 9:54am

If there is one thing so grand about Josh Groban's music...I realize that it is the compassion, forgiveness and love despite the chaos, confusion and brokenheartedness...Confessions.

I am in a season of focusing on friends and family. I want to ask for forgiveness from anyone who I may have hurt and and bothered. I'm praying for a renewal of heart. I don't believe that anyone can change the world without changing one's own conscience from any hatred for the Lord is Love.

I am praying for grace, love and favors from Our Father in Heaven and for a renewal of the heart. I am working on the meaning of Loving Thy Enemies and forgiveness...Even forgiving the Lord for my own dissatisfactions in life and disappointment. I'm praying for joy in the heart of the people I come across with.

I messed up so much and I despite the Lord's patience of me...I feel the need to cultivate the message of love. I do believe that the Lord's does not just love but laughs as well. I do believe that sense of humor and music can heal many but it has to start from within.

I ask for fogiveness to anyone I hurt and most of all I ask forgiveness from the Lord Jesus Christ to heal my heart that has for so long been inflamed.

I am praying to cultivate good memories and build relationships around me and to continually seek the truth in love.

I thank the Lord for Peace in my heart that has not been there for many months before. I know that all is well when we focus on the Father in Heaven. We are called to have a good and great family at all cost. To love and to serve...I pray to one day be a good wife, a good mother and best of all a loving family that cares for the neighbors.

Love Always,

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