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This is Amazing...

EstherT1's picture
on November 28, 2012 - 10:40pm

I lost my keys only to find out I'm truly in good hands. I was running around in the nursing home looking for my keys. My beloved gay boss Patrick luckily picked me up and dropped me home. It just turned out my Indian roommate was coming home to open the door and my Chinese land lady don't have a spare key so my Chinese roommate who is an elderly doctor offered to climb over the window since I luckily remembered I leave the patio door open that goes to my room. So my boss is picking me up and come to find out Karen who is a Mexican (And she looks like Kim Kardashian) ended up with the key. I must have tossed my key over into her bag in the dark closet thinking it was mine.

I thank eveyone a million! I would have had to pay a handsome money to get the keys remade. And I'm in my room...and safely at home...despite not having any key. Now the whole nursing home knows I lost my keys!

Today...I dedicate my Keys to Hidden Away! The funny thing is...I was praying for forgiveness...turns out I was more forgetful than anything else...Just this Once!

Forgetfully Yours,



God is good! I made it home! I love everybody!

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