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Front Row! Front Row! Front Row!

katsingen's picture
on February 3, 2013 - 9:10pm

I got a front row ticket to Josh's Melbourne concert, for the first time ever!! And it was all the best luck!

I was on Facebook and noticed that Josh's new album was available in Australia. So I jumped on the website and ordered the Fan Edition, which included a year of membership to the FOJG. Of course, I renewed my membership!

Only yesterday I found out that Josh was touring Australia this April, and being a FOJG member I could get pre-sale tickets...this morning! I was clicking back and forth at 10am until the tickets were available, and kept my fingers crossed as I waited to find out where I was going to be sitting....and it was A16!! Of course, I bought the ticket straight away, before my time ran out! (I think it helped that I am going on my own :oP)

I have had a smile on my face all day since then! I hardly ever get such good tickets to concerts, and especially not to one of my favourite artists! As you've read, it was luck that I got it...somebody sure wants me to be in the front row of Josh's concert, and I'm not complaining!

If you read this and you're sitting in A15, shoot me a message. I'm looking forward to meeting some other Grobanites very soon!


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