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The countdown has officially begun.....and I'm losing sleep already!

Jennifer Scott's picture
on October 3, 2013 - 6:47am

Well, yesterday was Josh's first show of the fall tour so my excitement level has kicked up a bit thinking about how close the day is getting when I will see him in concert.
I have been looking forward to this day for what feels like sooo long. I purchased my one front row ticket the moment they went on sale to the fan club so it really has been a while.
Anyhoo, I know I run the risk of sounding fanatical but it really will be a dream come true when I get to meet him before the show. I say that because I have actually had dreams of meeting him....while I'm sleeping dreams just to clarify. lol In addition, I have been a singer my whole life and grew up with a mother who played piano very well so most of my early singing was classical ballads and show tunes. When I lost my mom to a sudden stroke in 1995 I lost my musical best friend. She was the one I would enjoy singing for and she loved to play for me. I was only 21 at the time and she was 57. The music was gone. No more piano filling the air and no more ballads being sung. Then out of my musical darkness came Josh.
I sat in awe as I listened to this young man sing on Ally McBeal. I was blown away as we all are, and found that listening to his voice transported me. I was an instant fan.
Over the years, I have owned every CD, followed the television appearances with enthusiasm and loved watching the boy become a man, and the singer become a vocal icon.
I kid with close friends that Josh Groban has sung the soundtrack for my life. In 2003, I flew to my hometown of Saratoga Springs NY to perform a one woman concert dedicated to my mom. I did this concert in the church I grew up in and where my mother was the secretary for many years. One of the highlights of the night for me was singing "To Where You Are" with just a live pianist. I know that my mom would have loved Josh just as much as I do, and with the amazing strength of his voice I'm convinced she can hear him from Heaven.
So even though I doubt anyone will ever read this, I'm sharing my heart and my appreciation for the gifts that have been given to me by Josh. And even though my encounter with him will be brief I'm sure, I'll finally get a chance to say thank you. Thank you for bringing the music back into my life and for bringing me so much joy.

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