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Don't Give Up, Never Let Go, and Believe

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on October 23, 2013 - 10:40pm

Josh Groban ~ All That Echoes ~ In The Round ~ North American Tour 2013
October 7, 2013 ~ SAP Center, San Jose, Ca.

Last tour, I was able to buy a VIP ticket to Josh's 'Straight To You Concert'. It was the Front and Center Row Seat that I had dreamed about, and at the same time, that was the year when there were no Meet and Greets given with a front row ticket. I was crushed, but vowed to buy a front row seat again.

This year, when I returned from my annual Spring trip to the Sierras and turned on my computer, I was crushed again to find that the tour dates had been announced and tickets went up for sale only two days after the announcement. However, I was able to buy a "best available" ticket and it was a surprisingly fairly good seat on Floor 3, Row 7, Seat 12 at a good price at $117.50 (which included fees, tax, and insurance). At that point in time, I was thankful to just have a ticket, but kept my wish alive for a Meet & Greet with Josh. Then, ten days before the concert I got a surprise email congratulating me on winning a Meet and Greet. "Thank you FOJG for making my wish come true!"

On show day, I arrived early to pick up my ticket and Meet and Greet pass at Will Call, and then met up with LindyJean. Her friend Kathi had also won a Meet & Greet. Once inside the Meet and Greet area, Daren gave the group instructions, no hugging, no kissing, and so on. When it was my turn to meet Josh, I stepped up, looked in his eyes, shook his hand, and greeted him with a smile as I said the things that I had wanted to tell him; the things that I had tried to say one other time, but was overtaken with the moment. But not this time, and after I said everything, I handed him my book and said; "This is my book that you inspired me to write, and I want you to have it." He accepted it with interest.

The email had informed that I could bring one item for Josh to sign. I had brought with me two items because I wanted to choose between them in the moment when I saw Josh. One item was the 'Awake Live' DVD booklet, because that was the DVD with the energy and songs that inspired me to begin writing.... that was the DVD that changed my life. The other item was the Target edition 'All The Echoes' CD booklet. So in the moment of giving Josh my book, I knew that I wanted to have Josh sign my 'Awake Live' DVD booklet, which he did with his 'smiley face' siggy.

Then I heard Darren say, "Picture?" Josh and I turned toward Darren. Josh wraps his arm around my waist; his fingers gently curl around my side. I wrapped my arm around his waist, and even though there were no hugs allowed; there we were, side by side, arm in arm... it was a gratifying half-a-hug. After the photo, I turned back to Josh, I reached out with both hands taking hold of his hands and when I felt him grip my hands, I looked in his eyes and said; "You have helped me so very much. Thank you Josh!" It was all so brief, and I would have liked to have said more, but in that brief minute I had accomplished my goal that I had set four years ago. Kathi and I walked back into the main arena to find LindyJean and our seats. I was in a different section than they, but not too far away.

Judith Hill ~ Opening act
I had a decent view of the stage from the seventh row when Judith Hill started the opening act. She looked stunning in a little black and silver dress that shimmered in the lights, and her hair in one of her classic styles. She is as beautiful as she is talented. Then, a very 'big and tall' type man entered the row in front of me and sat down blocking my entire stage view from one end to the other. I could not see Judith Hill perform; I only heard her sing and she sounded as wonderful as I thought she would. But in that time I wondered... "What am I going to do during Josh's performance? I can't see the stage. Oh God, show me a way!"

At intermission, I walked over to visit with LindaJean and Kathi before Josh performed when I noticed an arena staff member standing behind me. I asked him what they do when ones view is badly blocked. He said they try to accommodate. I said that would be great if there is somewhere else where I could sit; if someone doesn't show up or... anything. I showed him my seat ticket, and he checked out my "situation." Later he signaled me, and he took me to a new seat in my section. He gave me the center seat in the front row, about 15 feet from the stage. Astounded, I said, "Are you kidding? Thank You!!!" Section Floor 3 was angled off an end/side of the stage, and the facing isle lead to the stage steps.

Showtime! Josh entered the arena on the far side of the stage singing "Brave." There is nothing to compare the power and energy that Josh puts into his performance. He is constantly moving around the stage, singing, playing the piano, joking, interacting with the audience, answering questions, and telling childhood and career stories. Josh brings the party, including his band as a group performance with everyone moving "In The Round". Halfway into the concert, Josh left the stage, giving each band member time showcased their talents. Then Josh and Darren ran up the isle in front of me; Josh run up the stage steps to start the second half of the show.

The stage was large, and a few times, Josh was lost from sight, but there were the big screens to see him. There were spherical decorations and translucent banners hanging from the rafters to correspond with lighting throughout various songs. Sometimes the lighting engulfed the performers, but Josh could be located with the white beam. I could see Josh most of the time, except the majority was a view of his back, which he had jokingly warned about early on; until Josh played his drum solo "Você Existe Em Mim" with passion just a few feet away.

Josh puts on a spectacular show leaving everything on his stage, giving his all to his fans with singing sixteen songs; old and new, and ending the night singing "Smile." It was a fun filled night of exceptional talents by all, giving everlasting memories... but it didn't end there.

LindyJean, Kathi, and I walked outside and visited while hoping that Josh might come out. Then Darren told the group that Josh would stop for a moment and gave instruction to have ready an item for Josh to sign, and to let Josh just sign and move on. Then his bus pulls up, stops, and Josh gets out to cheering fans. He worked his way down the railing, pausing with each fan. I had my 'All That Echoes" CD booklet and my show ticked banded together; giving Josh the choice of which one he wanted to sign. When he saw me he said, "Nice to see you again" and without hesitation he signed both of my items. I replied, "You too! Excellent show Josh! Thank you!"

So, there it is... my Josh Groban 'All That Echoes ~ In The Round ~ North American Tour 2013' Concert and Meet and Greet experience. For one who was feeling awfully low in the Spring with no Front Row seat and no Meet and Greet, Autumn brought the satisfaction through faith. I've learned from Josh... Don't Give Up, Never Let Go, and Believe with all your heart; which I faithfully did, and everything that I hoped for happened...
It truly happened!

copyrights © JR 2013 on All "Josh Groban In The Round Photos"

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