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on October 23, 2013 - 2:44pm

After all these years since Ally McBeal...... Well, now we sort of met, anyway - it was over so quickly, it's kind of a blur - or I was in shock! Yep, definitely starstruck - just take a look at my face - LOL! I did get this picture & an autograph, so I'm happy! No time to talk (and I DO understand why, Josh - I'm sure everyone wants more of your time!), but I think I said Hi, I'm Kathie, & shook his hand. I gave him some candy & a treat for Sweeney. Hoping he actually eats some & shares it with the band and that Sweeney someday gets his treat when daddy makes it home. You just never know - maybe he gives all his gifts away. I once gave him (well, left at the venue entrance as we weren't allowed to take in our gifts) a sweatshirt with "Don't Make Me Call Security" on it. It was probably too big anyway, but I hope it made him smile. The Grand Rapids concert last night was amazing - rather Josh & the band were fantastic!!! I don't think the accoustics in the Van Andel Arena are the best. Josh sang beautifully of course and he sang the song that first brought him in to my heart, To Where You Are. It always makes me cry and last night was no exception. I also loved Smile, a song I have always liked ever since I can remember. There's another old song I wish he would sing someday and that's Someone to Watch Over Me... I wonder if he ever has. I know Chris Botti played it during one of the tours. We all know he could sing anything - like the Oscar Mayer song - and we'd all love it! So, ANYWAY - (long winded me, as usual!) - I just want to say thank you to the FOJG team for picking me for a meet & greet and thanks with all my heart to Josh! I hope the rest of the tour is wonderful and I will be looking forward to Josh's next adventure, whatever it may be. P.S. - I really loved Coffee Town, by the way - Very funny, Josh, and the goatee is actually a good look for you. ;o) Best wishes always and take excellent care of yourself!!! It would be a very sad world without you.

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