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Redemption Song / He Comes Along

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on June 24, 2015 - 6:52am

I labor why / while the other sleeps / many have taken their time/  from liberty I /SEE MY HANDS / liberty free / By the one who holds me /  we bring back a Holy Nation / Victory be / This very day / From where we come /From where we lay/ let them liberty free ring / That is so dear/ families near and wide/ cross the mountainside / holding on/ holding strong / hear the delivery /but the one that holds us not father time / for its the father of all man-kind / here the signs / the world sits / what's inside of you / less not forget it / what's in the soul / believe in me the king / saving each one / draw ever near / come along / See the dawn / it not to long before I come/ take care of it/ cherish it / for I know everyone / shower it w Love /Hear what I say/Hear my words today/share in the faith /  --Hear again what I am about to say to thee /  now is the time / I am here / Love another help mankind / everything comes through me / you are a friend of mine /  take care of your promises / I can see what is inside of you /and you have attitude/ things will not always be perfect / take heed to the call /  hear me this day / the wrongs we done every year / how long / how long / people weakest fear / see what he has done / COME meet the son/ time has come /  see the heavenly one /   

o read savior of your soul help freedom ring / Liberty right a wrong / longing  labor why for I wait for freedom I cry/ redemption song // Correct the wrong this day /correct the wrong/ correct the wrong/ show us the Love from the growth / of the hater Lord help me to understand why we chose to always hurt one another and shoot/ we have it all wrong  / for we are all one of a kind we have family and we are all born from the same this day / labor along I tears l y 

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