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Meet and greet Copenhagen 8th May 2016

Pernille's picture
on May 8, 2016 - 2:47pm

8th of May 2016. Josh Groban concert in Copenhagen.
The other day i posted a journal saying I won a meet and greet again. So this evening it happened. Three years ago I was jumping up and down and couldn't hide my excitement . This year the excitement didn't happen until we were given the passes. So much have changed since the first concert, and I think I enjoyed the concert in a different way this time. In 2013, my first concert was All That Echoes in Copenhagen, and that was exciting enough, just watching someone - anybody really- famous meters away from me. Since then I've seen Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet and various other shows with famous people in them, so now i'm "used" to it in a way. At the concert tonight I could enjoy it in a more mature way and listen to the music and just enjoy the whole thing.

Anyway my mother and I was chatting with two lovely ladies while we were waiting for the passes to be ready for us, they'd won a meet and greet too. We got in there, and it was awfully hot in the entire building, so there we were, nervous and shaking and hot as hell. I was the next-to-last to meet Josh, and I had decided to say something more civilized than "I like blue" this time. I got up to him, asked him to sign my CD, and I said: "It's actually my second concert with you and the second time meeting you", and I'd focused so much on making sure I pronounced everything right, that I sort of forgot to listen to his answer. He asked me what the first one was, I told him All That Echoes, and then he said something about remembering me og that he knew, or something like that. I can't remember and it sucks. I got a nice photo with him, and it's just fun to see what three years can do to a person. I've included the picture form tonight and the picture form 2013. I hope you can see which is which ;)

The concert was great and I had a lovely day with my mother celebrating Mother's day. Hopefully someday she'll get to meet him too :D

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