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hello everyone

Starlight22dace's picture
on July 28, 2016 - 10:05pm

i have seen josh once in nh a mother's day present for my mom.. i got sick the first time i go the flu form work and they saved tickets for us to go the next time he come up.i took her to see him live i have enjoyed his music for the past 15 years. i am also a muiscan i play about 5 insterments and sing as well and i am artist award wining poet and writer and award wining photographer and award wining actress musicals growing up ages 3 to 17 and live plays shakspeare and mulire. i also draw and paint. it's my b day this week and i am happy to see josh again in boston last time was nh. i saw just live on pbs and that's what stared me to like his music. my grandpa was a musican he tought me be play the organ he sung itlian and english, finnish and had his own band in the 1920s and even autodutions for frank santina and played for him.

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