whats wrong with the doll ????????

whats wrong with the doll ????????

ok, so its that time of year and i know that this is not josh related but its been a question that my friends have been asking every year around this time. now im sure most everyone has seen the 'cartoon' with rudolph when he goes to the island of misfit toys, i just want to know, what is wrong with the doll ??? the train has square wheels, the jack in the box is named charlie but whats with the doll ???? yes this may seem odd but its one of those annoying things that you cant get out of your head till you know the answer. so if anyone can shed some light on this it would be much appreciated !!! have a good holiday to all !!! :-) lesley

I found this information about the doll from a web site here it is:
The number one question that we get asked about the special is: What is wrong with the MISFIT GIRL DOLL? Arthur Rankin answers this question on page five of my book. Apparently, her problem was more psychological than physical. I have recently obtained THE original 10-28-63 draft of the script by Romeo Muller and the MISFIT GIRL DOLL does not appear in this first draft.

The answer I guess is not that clear! Me and my HOG were wondering about the same thing this past weekend - my son wanted to watch the movie so we put it on!

Hope this helps with your quest!

Hmmm...maybe she's like some of the toys in the Toy Story Movies that were not taken care of or abandoned by their owners??? I have no idea, but have wondered that before, too!!!

Here's what's wrong with the doll...she has no nose!!! Believe me, it took me awhile to figure that one out, lol!