Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Just returned home from my daughter's very last band and choir concert. I cried through most of it. Hannah had a solo part in Amazing Grace. The music was soooooo moving and spectacular and awesome and etc etc etc....and both teachers said their farewells to the seniors; oh boy, I thought I was ready for it, but I was not....I got very emotional along with other parents. What a memorable four years....and now on to bigger things!!

Well, I'm pooped so heading to bed. Hoping I'll have a Josh dream or two ;)

awww. that's very nice. have great josh dream.

that's so awesome! i love amazing grace it speaks to me on a lot of different levels! it must have been beautiful! and i hope that you have a good Josh dream!

Amazing Grace is one of my favorite songs. I remember first hearing it from Judy Collins.Ok, I know that dates me a bit. lol It's a very moving song. I'm glad everything went well especially Hannah's solo. Have a good nights rest. You deserve it.


josh should sing amazing grace!!!

Oh man... I remember my last band concert... *Happy Tears* Amazing Grace is a good song to go out on too!