O Danny Boy...

O Danny Boy...

I just got back from our St. Patrick's Day Parade. It was chilly! My friend from work brought her husband and kids down for it too. We went to lunch on Main Street, then froze our butts off outside. Her boys had fun though. They were SO excited to get candy. They were waving at everyone and marching and jumping up and down. They are so cute. It was two hours long though! Thats a long time to be standing there, good thing we brought our chairs. I got to see my old marching band too. I realized I don't even know anybody anymore and the color guard wasn't even there! Other than the cold though it was good.

The next thing on the agenda for the day is to continue cleaning out my mom's apartment so we can move in! I was going to go yesterday, I had absolutely nothing else to do, I didn't even have to work, but I couldn't. They evacuated our town! There was apparently an overturned truck on the highway leaking small amounts of hydrogen fluoride. The evacuated a one mile radius around the area. The apartment is about half a mile away! I went online to read about what this stuff can do to you and lets just say it is not nice, so, I ended up basically doing nothing yesterday. I had lunch and bought myself a cell phone case and thats about it. What a wasted day! So now we are off to make up for lost time. I hope everyone had a good weekend and that the rest of the week is wonderful! ttyl.


NO COLORGUARD!!! and evacuate? that's funny. Cheryl didn't leave? haha.

You mentioned a St. Paddy's Day parade. I'm very Irish and shame on me I have never been to one. It sounds like you had a great time as well as freezing your tushies. lol

Hydrogen flouride is a horrendous chemical. I didn't hear the whole story but I hope that everyone is alright. Good luck catching up with the apt.

Have a Joshin night.