"You Raise Me Up" Music Video

"You Raise Me Up" Music Video

Artist: Josh Groban
Album: Closer
Director: Meiert Avis

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parabéns ao josh por seus trabalhos maravilhosos, acompanho todos os seus sucessos amo de montão, que Deus continui te abençoando com muitos trabalhos sempre maravilhos,

felicitaciones bendecido Josh Groban por tan exelente labor!! tengo todas su canciones!! gracias Bendecido con toda bendicion!!

you really want to cry when you hear this song! i would love josh groban to come over my place and sing edelweiss ...its my favorite song and i can play it on the piano

My all time favorite. Can't hear it enough!
Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

You Rise Me Up...wow...that is nice song. I like so much.
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this song has made such a big difference in my life. Whenever i am down, i jus play this song and i know that everything is going to be ok. Thank u for making beautiful music

Gracias Josh por esta excelente canción, en lo personal se la dedico a Dios. Espero pronto vengas a México !!! God bless you forever...

Dear Josh,

Just wanted to to say thanks for all of your music and personal effort. You make a difference in the lives of others and have a positive impact on the world.

I planned a surprise 15 year wedding anniversary party for my wife and friend. I picked and played your song to highlight a collection of photos that I put together to reflect the incredible journey my wife and I have had together.

There is a great quote that I enjoy from Mead:
"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For indeed, that's all who ever have."

I take time early each day to start with personal motivation and positive attitude. Your music helps me accomplish that and stay on track.

Thanks for all you do... You Make A Difference !