My first time ever meeting Josh!

My first time ever meeting Josh!

Well, first I think I should give a brief recap of how I became a Grobanite, and the story leading up to my experience meeting Josh. I became a Grobanite in 2002 after seeing Josh perform on the Oprah show. I hadn't heard of him before then, but when he opened his mouth to sing my jaw dropped to my feet! I was amazed to hear such a beautiful voice come from someone so young! Well, long story short...I attended my first Josh concert in 2004, and to date I have seen him six times.

The two most special concerts that I attended were on August 7th and 8th of 2007, in Milwaukee and Green Bay, WI. I was lucky enough to get third row seats in Milwaukee which was just amazing. I had never been that close to the stage before, but little did I know that I was going to be getting a lot "CLOSER" (pardon the pun!) to him before the night was through. I knew that Josh did a walkthrough during his song "In Her Eyes", and so during Lucia's solo I was looking for which way the camera guys were going, and then I knew that Josh would be walking right past me. I think I was actually shaking because I was so excited. As I saw Josh coming closer and closer to me, I just reached out my hand, and I said a quick prayer to God asking Him to let Josh touch my hand for just a moment. As he approached me, Josh took my hand for just a second or two as he walked by. I remember when he passed, I turned to my sister and just grabbed her and started jumping up and down because I was so happy that Josh held my hand.

Later on during that same concert, I was lucky enough to be able to go up to the stage when Josh sang "Not While I'm Around". I wasn't even sure how it happened, but I somehow ended up near the front. While I was up there, I reached my hand up to him. I didn't know if he would see it or not because there were so many people all around him, but he did see me. When I felt him hold my hand for just a few brief seconds, I just started to cry again because I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I never thought that I would be so fortunate to hold Josh's hand once...let alone twice on one night! During the whole hour-long drive home, I literally talked my mom's ear off about how happy I was. I think I was talking so much that I didn't even breathe the whole way home.

Little did I know that the next night in Green Bay would be even more special. I happened to bring a gift for Josh just on the chance that I could get up to the stage to give it to him. I had bought him an engraved gold music medal inscribed with his name and the message "We Love You! You are #1!" on it. I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to get up there to give it to him, but during a pause in the concert, I finally gathered up enough courage to go up to the stage and give it to him. I was so scared because I thought that any minute there'd be the venue security dragging me away, but no one stopped me. I remember my knees shaking nervously, and I had to lean on the stage so I wouldn't collapse fron nervousness. He came over to me, and I held the medal up for him to see. I think he thought I was only showing it to him because he said, "Oh no! I can't take this!" and he started to give it back to me. I told him it was his to keep, and he looked so surprised. It was the greatest feeling in the world to me to look up at him, and see him put it around his neck. I reached my arms up to him for a hug, and he knelt down at the edge of the stage and hugged me.

I never wanted that moment to end. I had waited seven years to meet Josh, and it was happening at that very moment. I only wish that I had a picture to remember that moment of my life.
I don't know if Josh remembers me or not, but I remember that night like it was yesterday. If he ever happens to read this, I just want to thank him for making my dream come true. I also want to thank him for his music which helped me so much after my brother died in 2004. Every time I listen to Josh sing "To Where You Are", I feel my brother with me. I also really believe that in a certain special way when Josh hugged me, it was also a hug from heaven from my brother. I know I will never forget that moment in my life, and I just thank Josh for making my best dream in the whole world come true.

I love him!



I have been luck enough to see Josh about 5 times. But the time I will never forget is when I saw him in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I had seats about 7 rows from the stage. And since this was my 3rd time seeing this tour I new just when to RUN to the stage. So yes, I ran to the stage many, many times. Josh grabed my hand a couple of times and held it while singing. I was in heaven.. Durning one of my times at the stage,my sister went to ask me a question and realized I wasn't in my seat. She then asked my husband where I was. He turned to her and said.."up there...AGAIN...I hope we have enough bail money to get her out of jail". LOL LOL..I had the best time of my life that night!!!!