our most special day!

our most special day!

Mary and I have now seen you 3 times together ... in San Diego at Balboa Theater, then in Los Angeles last August, and most recently at the Disney Concert Hall! We were fortunate enough to have been invited to the "meet and greet' in LA. Thank you so much for that! We absolutely loved meeting you, even though it was very quick. We love your music, and you are an amazing person! Blessings to you always. We look forward to seeing you in concert as often as you are in southern California.

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Yes that is a special event I got to see up front and personal at the concert in Kansas City. I fell on the floor right in front of him. He was graciously helping me up and I got a photo of him and I and a peck on the cheek. Yes Darren also helped me. I was really embarrassed but he made me fell better just from his concern. Bless you Josh

I'll turn into Gray and Old and die , but will never have a Foto together with this Wonderful singer... God bless and always be safe for we all want to hear his Voice.

wow isn't he wonderful? I love him so much . I can not wait until he is on the tour for thhis new album.