Live At Lincoln Center

Live At Lincoln Center

Fri, 2013-04-12


No videos from this appearance yet.

Will this be a whole performance or just an appearance at the Lincoln Center?

From what I understand, this is a performance that took place in February. He is not actually appearing at Lincoln Center on 4/12 -- it is just a show of the concert that will be on PBS on 4/12. I believe it is a whole concert accompanied by an orchestra.

wow I can not beleive it. I will be watching thanks for the info

I shall be hidden away? Out with me I say, out with me ;)

Fabulous, concert ! I loved it. I Love Josh, God Bless Him in all areas of life. With the voice of a handsome angel for us to enjoy.

I am so happy for Josh. Now more people of allages will get to know Josh. I am happy for me to. Thanks for the information.

I attend that Concert for the release of "ATE" and Josh was AWSOME and if you love the "BIG" sound of the songs on this album you will BLOWN AWAY to hear these songs performed LIVE ! :) It was an AMAZING Concert that night 2/4/13 and I had a front row seat dead center in front of Josh and his microphone the whole night ! ! Josh was PURE MAGIC and his always Beautiful Voice gets BETTER & BETTER all the time ! ! The song selection on his New album "ATE" showcases and allows all those who listens to this album , a chance to hear the TRUE POWER OF "THE VOICE" WHICH IS JOSH GROBAN ! ! ! :) Truly A Force To Reckon With ! ! ! :) If you dare and are "BRAVE" enough !

Better Than That
The time for grieving is over
Go sit between the wings of the eagle at sunrise
See the day appear through his eyes
Sit among the turtles on a log in the summer sun
Know what it is to be still
Play among the young elephants at dusk
Be surrounded by their vigilant mothers at night
Never close yourself to options
The world is ours who will be a part of it

I was also at this once in a lifetime intimate concert in the front row. The Accoustics totally amazing. The Groband unbelievable and Josh could not hv sounded better. It was so awesome and I am so happy they will televise this on PBS for all of us to enjoy again. Josh was so awesome!!!

Ok, so I wasn't there live in person, but I saw it live at a theater in Alhambra, CA. It was pretty awesome! My BFF who is my Grobanite pal, lives at least an hour away, but she got to see it the same night in another city! Looking forward to seeing it on PBS. For my BFF's Christmas present, she and I are going July 3rd to see Josh perform at the Hollywood Bowl!!!! Can't wait!!! Josh, you are a true talent....<3