Tampa, FL - 10/28/2011

Tampa, FL - 10/28/2011

Fri, 2011-10-28
Tampa, FL
United States
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Meet and Greet :)
I see you looking...
Broken Vow
Light from above
Tariqh and Christian
Higher Window
In the Shadows
Josh talking
The cowardly lion
What a way to begin
B Stage Beginning
What a Smile
Funny Moment
Marleen and Josh


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Story Author
My First Josh Concert
Concert Date: Oct 28, 2011 I did not find out about Josh touring in Tampa until a few months ago. Unfortunately, this meant I had to buy my ticket through a 2nd market as opposed to the St. Pete Times Forum boxoffice. I bought one lonely ticket. All my friends were headed to Orlando for a Sci Fi convention to see Sir Patrick Stewart, Captain Picard of Star Trek the Next Generation, so I had no one to go with me. But I did not let that stop me. Hearing Josh sing live is a bucket list event...
roseymo's picture
Memorable night
The last time Josh Groban came to Tampa was 6 years ago. I remember it well because I went to the concert just 2 weeks after my daughter was born. My mom and I were very excited for the long awaited return to Florida. The staff at the St. Pete Times Forum were awesome. There was someone every step of the way to help direct us. We met some very nice Grobies - 2 of which were the lucky M&G winners. It was exciting to hear that Chris Groban was backstage. Hopeful for a tour documentary...
Martha Ann's picture
My First Time
Cannot believe it! Finally, after soooooo long! I will be going to a Josh Groban concert! (that is, IF the presale code shows up on my profile, and IF I get on in time to buy a ticket...) So I really have no concert story to tell yet....but at least it is now something tangible (in a way).... This being my 'first time' and all, any advice from you expert JG concert-goers will be greatly appreciated! And, I'll be going by myself, so I'll need a lot of help from those who know!!!
Martha Ann

Can't wait to attend my first Josh Groban concert!!!!

Finally! My first Josh Groban concert!


Anyone else going by themselves? I only live about an hour and a half from Tampa.

I can't wait!! :)

Cannot wait. I am a JG concert virgin! So glad he is coming to Tampa.

Worth the wait! So excited!

Cant wait !

So glad he didn't skip Florida this tour!

oh yeah cant wait big group going ,come on pre sale date!

sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait. I just screamed for five minutes!!

Hey Josh! PLEASE come to Jacksonville, FL. We South Georgians live close to Jacksonville... not Atlanta. South GA and North Florida love you too.

What time does the pre-sale start?

SO excited JG will be coming to Tampa! :) My first JG concert and two months (to the day) until my 30th birthday!

Finally back in Tampa again! So excited! Can't find any presale info on this show on the ticketmaster website though. It only lists Orlando.

I'm so excited I can't stand it. So glad Josh is back in Tampa!!! We missed you greatly.
Can't wait to see all my Florida Grobie friends too - it's been too long!!!!

YAY!!!! Went to before we begin show in new york and it was amazing!!! can't wait till he comes to tampa it's going to be off the chain!!

Tampa here I come! I'm knockin on the door and have the key to get in! It's gonna be a fantabulous show! So psyched to hear Josh live and in person!

So excited!!

Recently re-united with an old friend and first love at our 50th High School reunion and we will be there in Tampa for this, our first JG concert and our first date in 50 years. Cannot wait for either! Donna and Dennis

So glad to reconnect with old friends from the board and get to share front row with them in Tampa not even 10 miles from where I was born. It will be a long 10-12 hour drive to get there but I can not wait. So Josh will sign my tattoo :)

so glad to have reconnected with old friends from the boards and thanks to one I will be seeing Josh from the front row at an arena not 10 miles from where I was born but it will take me close to 12 hours to get there....so Josh can you sign my tattoo? :)

does anyone know the songs he sings in 2011 concert tour? thank you in advance

Has anyone gotten an email telling them if they won the lottery to meet him yet?

I think they pull the winners for the M&G just a couple of days before the show, so we probably won't know until the middle of next week or so. good Luck!


Can't wait to attend my first Josh Groban concert on Friday AND I get to meet him!! How awesome is that?!

This will be my third Concert with Josh. each one is more magical then the last...cant wait!! its like xmas morning!!!!

TJORGENSEN84, how did you find out you won the lottery drawing? Do you know who else won?

To say that this concert held in the St Pete’s Time Forum, Tampa on the 28 of October was an “Affair to Remember” is putting it lightly. The night was rainy, the hospitality warm and the crowd an eclectic mixture of all ages with one thing in common, love for Josh Groban’s music and his easy and humble style of performance which has grown to sincere professionalism over the years. This young man is at his best on stage and has a unique and winning way of reaching out to his audience in an intimate and classic style. With a voice that allows one’s soul to ascend to the heavens, Josh is always eager to please, and please he certainly does!
Groban hit the deck running from the back of the theater to an island stage which indeed seemed to be floating above the audience and was situated mid theater. There he performed three songs beginning with the gorgeous “You Are Loved” followed by “February Song”. Also done mid theater was his song “”The Wandering Kind”, which Groban actually wrote at the age of 12. Proceeding to front stage, up the steps he ran, grabbed a microphone and began singing in a show that lasted more than two hours. Beautiful piano solos included his extraordinary tribute to his new home in New York City, “The Bells of New York City”. This piece was performed with the back drop of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as brick walls and stone streets which remained behind Josh throughout the entire concert. A rousing rendition of the Herbie Hancock “Machine” got the crowd on their feet as Josh jived and set the hearts of all of his fans on edge and me wondering how much of this song was the true life of so many successful performers in the world today.
Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of watching a Josh Groban concert is familiar with his musical director, Tarigh Akoni, genius on the classical guitar and top of the line showman in his own right. (btw, loved the little dance done by Tarigh and bassist, Andre Manga. They were clearly having fun!) Selected from his larger orchestra were Tim Crow on percussions, Mark Stevens, funky keyboard, Gary Novak and Andre Manga, as well as a combination of 4 string instruments and French horns which added a rich and sad addition to Josh’s piano and voice in his touching “”War at Home,” as well as “”Broken Vow,” where the resonating French horn was played directly stage right and on top of the front row.
Genius was the fact that Josh Groban incorporated people of all ages in his concert show. He introduced a nine year old little girl, spoke with her, a single woman, and a couple who had been married for over fifty years and brought them all up on stage for wine and milk. Everyone in this particular scenario was perfectly at home as if they were sitting in Josh’s living room enjoying a great concert while we all sat, mouths open and giggling at the entire scenario.
I loved this concert, every single moment of it. Although Groban was fresh off a European Tour, he was pitch perfect and fun! It is always a pleasure for me to review this musical genius, and my favorite song? Well, “Per Te” of course.
Janet K. Brennan
author, publisher and international book critic


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I was there- it was my first Josh concert but I hope not my last. It was a brilliant show! I loved the orchestra, the set, and just everything was wonderful!

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I hope he will have a tour here in our place. I want to see him performing live and to see him in person as well. - DR Marketing Group