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The Original Broadway Cast Recording Of Natasha Pierre & The Great Comet Of 1812

  • 46A039riCUE
    The Great Comet - The Duel
  • gSAo-nJRr9E
    Josh Groban – “Pierre” (From The Great Comet)
  • XIDj23-D-kQ
    The Great Comet - Natasha and Bolkonskys
  • 4nlApgfLrBI
    The Great Comet - The Private And Intimate Life Of The House
    The Great Comet - Moscow
  • gbGM0kec4vI
    The Great Comet - Prologue
  • Ml9yXLskG5M
    The Great Comet - Sunday Morning
  • pUCFv_WBmlE
    The Great Comet - Natasha & Anatole
  • K9Occcfr_T0
    The Great Comet - The Opera
  • AeeUO6xmDbQ
    The Great Comet - No One Else
  • LsrqmotMCNY
    The Great Comet - Sonya & Natasha
  • XFYC-WDUv6g
    The Great Comet- Sonya Alone


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