All That Echoes Track Listing Reveal [Extras]

All That Echoes Track Listing Reveal [Extras]

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I'm really looking forward to hearing your new album Josh! Your music ALWAYS cheers me up and makes my day. Thank you for being there for all us fans. We really appreciate it very much! :)

I just joined FOJG and watched this vlog. Thanks for the info on your new album's tracks. It's always interesting to hear how your songs come about. I love that you like to sing sadder melodies because that's what I like to listen to. I can't think of anyone else that I'd rather hear sing them. No worries about looking jet-lagged. You always look great. Keep up the great work and thanks for being you.

Thank you so much I really enjoyed this video.I want to listen to your new album so badly
<3 :)

Thank you for these informations. I'm so gratefull to be the first to write. I can't wait to listen to your New Album.I wish you a `` Joyeux Noël et Une bonne année`` to you and to your family and Sweeney. I wish you Love , Health and Success... I appreciate you so much josh and see you next year or... before
luv . Verda