"Hidden Away" Official Music Video

"Hidden Away" Official Music Video

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Great song, i first listen this on josh's twitter @joshgroban
I love the lyrics
"I want to free your heart
I want to see your heart"

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Josh, you are one of the best Tenor's I've ever heard !! You are so passionate in your music. Stay that way !! The Lord has blessed you with this gift and I hope you always use it to lift up those who listen. Besides all of that you are a very handsome young man also ! Bravo.

I love this song and this video. I think there is a little difference between the way this song is played here and in the album Illuminations. I love both but I would like to get this version. How can I get it?

great video. I love that I can watch your videos. They pick me up when I am down, like today. You have such an incredible voice. I love your music, and you, of course

I wish you a very Happy BIrthday Josh! Have a great time with your family, friends, co-workers and your sweet dog. Best wishes from San Diego, CA. I always like to watch your musical video. Take care. :)

Brilliant new album, love all the tracks. Hope you make a visit to South Africa on your world tour, almost saw you in London, but tickets sold out, pleeeeeez come here.

Please find her Josh and if she walks away when you ask: Have we met before? Don't be discouraged. Maybe she might rattled from something else. Keep trying. Don't give up on love. If she gave you her phone number, but she doesn't call back. Go find her. Don't give up on love. You came this far. Don't give up on love. Love is beautiful.

Beautiful. Thank you, Josh, for sharing your God-given talent with us.

Belíssimo!!! Parabéns!!!!
Very beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!!

This is just so cute! I love it! The little girl is just so adorable. =D Great voice, great music, great guy. Love ya man! <3

My dear Josh. I don't know how you do it, but every one of your beautiful songs fill my soul. I think I may be your most elderly Grobanite. I would love to know, but whatever, I am a really faithful one, and love you and your music so much. I cannot tell you how you fill my life with not only the music, but you yourself. What a Wonderful Person you are in your heart and soul.....By the way, I turn 85 on Jan.25.. I have been a Grobie for the 7 years, and have met some GREAT FANS. I am just waiting IMPATIENTLY, for you to be in concert. I Hope I make the next one....Love and Blessings, Mamadene2003


une très belle chanson qui vient nous chercher au plus profond de nous.......belle mélodie et quel belle voix que ce merveilleux chanteur. Merci encore Josh et j'espère que tu n'oublieras pas de revenir à Montréal pour ta prochaine tournée .

another master piece =) I like it a lot as always=)

Im so speechless. There are no words to describe this man's voice or the music. Truly a gift from God.

very moving video Josh I loved it

I certainly am a Grobanite, and I am so happy to have found him thanks to youtube and one of his grobanite that did a video with "In her eyes" song for Clhoe and Clark 2007. I was searching for romantics songs. It was interesting because among all those romantics songs I find that this one had more classic stile and tecnique. Since I am classical singer it cauth my atention and I begun to investigate about this beautiful voice. Now Josh is the only singer I can listen to. Just love his voice!!!

Somebody please tell Josh....
Maria Montgomery is Miss Kentucky USA 2009 - USA USA
'Miss Kentucky' implies the Miss America system, which is all about short blonde hair, brains, and talent. Televised on cable only...
The Miss USA system is all about Oh La La, physiche, tall, long hair, and 'community service' and Donald Trump & therefore televised on NBC
The America System views the USA System as 'lowly'.....
But I invite you to make your own decision..........

Querido Josh,
Talvez você nunca leia ou responda este comentário pois você com certeza tem muitas coisas para fazer e tem outras fãs que querem expressar o carinho que temos por você (ainda mais este que está escrito em português). Mas tudo bem, quero apenas desabafar.
Hoje está sendo um dos mais tristes dias da minha vida, a minha cachorrinha Sissi morreu. Foram 11 anos de muito companheirismo e amor incondicional. Como você mesmo diz nesta canção, não podemos esconder o amor que sentimos.
Me atrevo a escrever este depoimento pois sei do amor que você tem pelo seu cachorro, então você pode fazer alguma idéia do quanto estou sofrendo. Nunca mais sentir o carinho, o cheiro, aquele pequeno ser vivo te olhando e sempre disposta a estar do seu lado independente do seu humor naquele dia, te oferecendo também, mesmo sem dizer nada, um amor incondicional.
Meu Deus como dói!
Só tenho que agradecer todo o amor que ela me deu e agradeço também a Deus por ter tido a honra de ser a "mamãe" dela.
Posso hoje, com este depoimento, estar passando a maior vergonha da minha vida, mas meu coração está tão apertado, que precisei desabafar com alguém que sabe da dor que estou sentindo. Espero que possam me compreender!
Com carinho,
Suzi (Brasil).

With a gaze at these ....... no heart would hide! : ))
Very beautiful music! Thanks, Josh.

Good video. Yes, we have to let our feelings be known.

Thank you Josh for all that you do and being a great person who shares your light through song, video blogs posts and concerts.

Will you be coming back to Vancouver in 2011?

beautiful, beautiful simprlemente beautiful. Josh Groban You are unique, Mexico awaits

Oh so Beautiful! And I love the song too!

I do believe I heard this sung by Josh in June of this year at an event in Arkansas I was attending. Awesome number.


This song touches my heart so deeply. It's a perfect combination of an amazing voice and a beautiful lyrics and melody. Since I discovered your music last year (I have already listened to all of them) I can't live without them. It's pure inspiration! I hope the number of your fans increases here in Brazil especially now that we have "Voce existe em mim". Soon I will receive the new cd.
Thanks. Congratulations for this wonderful job.

Absolutely gorgeous! The voice of an angel. Unfortunately could not get a ticket for the New Haven show so hope you will come back soon. Keep singing so we all keep smiling!

It's definitely a beautiful and warm video! Love this style.
I've bought the exclusive package of your new album and I just can't wait for its release><

I am half century, I love this song that keeps me a live for another 100 years more. This song is going to illuminate many lives in the whole world. I never forget your last visit to San Diego 11/07/2010. Remember people love you here in California and come back again after your tour in South America. Thank you Josh and God bless you.

Hey Josh, Marry the girl she's gorgeous!

I am in the UK and loved your last album. Hidden Away is great,
I have asked for your new album for Xmas. I look forward to one day seeing you live somewhere.

I simply love your music Josh. From the very beginning I have followed you and you just keep getting better!! I was at your show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and loved it. When are you coming back to serenade us. How many languages have you covered with your songs. Is there any way we can get an English translation of these songs.
Thank you and God bless you

BSAGOLDSTAR - Josh is unique, in that, he is loved by all ages. I am a loyal 65 yr. old Grobanite, who has been enjoying his music since I first heard him in 2006. Come join us in FOJG and experience the time of your life with a GREAT group of people.

i like the storyline the video shows. and the song, of course

I am TOTALLY digging this song! The tenderness in which you sing this song takes my breath away :)
BTW how cute is the post above lol!! I say heck yeah BSAGOLDSTAR!

This video is so simple and that's why I love it. Your music helps people to connect to each other. This song made me realize -again- that I am not alone.

i like the different scenarios portrayed and i love the look on Joshs face at the end...breathtaking

Josh, você sempre me surpreende. Quando acho que não será possível ouvir outra musica ainda mais bonita do que as que você já fez, você me aparece com esta música de belíssimas letra e melodia! Não vejo a hora de ouvir o CD inteiro!

Love, Love, Love It! The sentiment is so beautiful.
We are so blessed to be able to hear you sing.

exelente cancion, no esperaba menos de un gran artista como lo es Josh Groban, esperamos tenerlo muy pronto en Chile.

I hope that Josh , or his manager or anyone responsible could read this. I really think its horrible to block the video in any country. I mean if you are in lebanon you cant watch the video ? Thats horrible to do. Since you have ALOT of fans here and your Cd will be sold at Virgin megastore as soon as its released. So whats with that ? its very disappointing ! As we were all excited to watch it but we cant. Not to mention that you cant place a pre order for the fan package if you reside in Lebanon too ! What a disappointment !



Hi Josh, I LOVE the new JoshGroban . com !! And of course, love the songs...

Please, make sure that "Illuminations" will be released in Brazil, cause we love you here, but sometimes we have trouble finding your cds and dvds in our country. And we CAN'T live without your songs... =]

Greetings from Brazil!

Josh I like this song touches my deeply, the video is great also.
Josh me encanta esta canción, me conmueve profundamente, el vídeo es genial además.

My God this video is really amazing , you can feel what that means...wonderful voice I really like it!!!!

Beautiful! I love how you make this to fit different relationships. But that smouldering look at "Maria" at the end melts my heart. My 15 y/o says she doesn't get it. Eh, what does she know!?

Josh I love this song and the video tells such a great story. I can't wait until Illuminations arrives at my house. I wish I could see you in CT but just couldn't work it out. See you soon on the road somewhere ... Keep the amazing music coming Josh ! You touch so many souls.