"Higher Window" Lyric Video

"Higher Window" Lyric Video

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Hola guapo....mi favorita!

Very beautiful, Josh...you have no idea...of how much I appreciate, how your music videos, are so well made...I do notice those things...thank you, for singing this song...

So beautiful. I hope we can all be blinded by that higher window, and patiently find our way, together.

Greetings I love this video This must have been a "heartbreaking" song But it really is a song that compliments your voice range

Hear a declaration like that fill the heart and soul of any person.

Excellent song and lyrics, Josh!!! With belief all things are possible, including the gift of love, for nothing is more fulfilling than love. Thanks Josh, and wishing you lots of love!!!!!

This song is very romantic and I love listening to your voice...so deep and beautiful!

Love the postcards from around the world. I love seeing new places. Happy thoughts will be with you on your journey. Beautiful song too, BTW!

Josh esta canción me hace llorar, es tan hermosa, y el video es lindo; aunque se voy a ser sincera, me hubiera gustado verte actuando en el... TE amo JOSH