Josh Groban - Brave [Official Behind The Scenes Video]

Josh Groban - Brave [Official Behind The Scenes Video]

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Wonderful Team Work!!

I really really love this song and this video !!!!!!!

Josh... hear his voice, see his videos is really uplifting. (I've seen all of his works that are on the internet). Everyday I listen songs, especially "Brave" . Please come to Brazil, Sao Paulo specifically. "You are loved" and got a special place in my heart. (sorry my english is not very good.)
Thank you so much. Success always!

Josh. I believe you're doing it again... Yup, you're working little miracles for someone who has had to face many fears and "Smile through" them. Sometimes, I try to picture you being there with me nudging me along. when that fear is combined with intensely painful memories, it's so hard to find something to replace those memories with loving experiences, but I have to think that's what it's all about. Yes, I can feel the rain, (and the tears), too),but i tell myself that I'm a good girl, and reach out and open myself to the love, receive it and give it when and whereever possible, because "perfect love casts out fear". (1 John 4, 16018) After years of what seemed like endless suffering, I finally found relief even though I have to get 33 shots in my head, face and neck. My neuralgia is finally under control, and I'm more alive and awake than I've been in many years. Still, I, like you, and we all have those bad days when things just don't go well, and that's when we feel the most vunnerable. You're reminding me that that's the time to embrace our fears, and just show them some love! I just had to share that. Now what was that you saidabout sky diving?

Josh, you are, indeed, amazing!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful music and many many talents!! You are priceless my friend. A true inspiration to all!!!

have never seen Josh in concert. i hope someday that i can be at one of his concerts. love this song.

I love Josh and have seen him in concert 4 times, but I am sad to say Brave sounds so much like other songs he has already done, sorry.

I love Josh and have seen him in concert 4 times, but I am sad to say Brave sounds so much like other songs he has already done, sorry.

Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!

WONDERFUL SONG :)!! LOVE all those colorful buttons :):).Thank you so much for Sharing it with all of us:):)!!

I literally just discovered Josh's music like a week ago, although I'm pretty sure I've been singing to his Christmas music on the radio for a few years like an idiot and thinking it was awesome but having no idea who he was. How he escaped my attention is a mystery even to me, but here were are and I'm hooked. I became a fan at a great time too with the new album coming out! I love "Brave", I was having the worst night sleeping and bought a couple of his songs and have been listening now for hours. I can't tell you how many times in my life I wish I would have stood in the face of fear and held my ground instead of running away. This track is really special and I think alot of people will stand a little taller with steady feet after hearing it. Josh and I are nearly the same age, and it's amazing how much he has accomplished already and how far he can still go. I'm sure it's alot of work, but I'm glad he put in the time because, wow. Really excited for the rest of the album and hope to catch a show one day. Happy Holidays everyone!

This is SO sad!! Josh, your German fans can't watch your "Making of Brave" :( It's blocked by YouTube because of licensing issues. Can you please put this video on an additional channel (e.g.Vimeo)? Many thanks in advance:) #pleasehelp!

it's so marvelous .. i love it ... as always you sorprise me for good ..:D .. enjoy there and hugs for sweeney ..( i miss him in the video) and besitos for you from distance CHILE.JS

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song! I can't wait for the tour. I am already saving my pennies, especially since my family didn't buy me coffee w/ Josh for Christmas. Dang 'em! I told them I was Serious and they would never have to buy me another gift, ever! Keep up the great work and see you on the road somewhere soon. I hope. Oh, please do the small venue "Before" type concert in small venues again. That was so special to so many of your fans, especially me!