Josh Groban - Brave [Official Music Video]

Josh Groban - Brave [Official Music Video]

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I like JOSH GROBAN i love the song Bring Me Home. i love it!
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Wow! This is great..Just heard your song.. I love the way you sing it. You are such a great singer and performer..Looking forward for more music videos from you..

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Hello Good day!!
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I LOVE YOUr music, JOSH! For me, a day without Josh Groban, is like a day without sunshine!! Sing On and God Bless!!


Sad to say that I lost a friend in a car wreck in USA. He was a young military man. I don't like wars or peacekeeping missions.
He was a good kid. I went straight to your music to try and setttle me down. I know you don't want to hear this tragic event but I am just reaching out now.

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Your voice is pure magic!!!

When I heard you do this song, I said to my wife kellie, man his voice is really getting perfect. You sing every word ,note with perfection and feeling.


love this video. it makes me go forward when i hear this song. i lost my son in February and when i hear the song i will go forward with my life. it is a great song. would love to get some free tickets to his concert. but i don't think that will happen.

I want to see this music video on VH1 music videos. How can we remedy this? I watch this channel all of the time.

Josh ... hear his voice, see his videos is really uplifting. (I've seen all of his works that are on the internet). Everyday I listen songs, especially "Brave" . Please come to Brazil, Sao Paulo specifically. "You are loved" and got a special place in my heart. (sorry my english is not very good.)

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Speechless...the more I listen to Josh's voice, the more he becomes part of my Muse. I need to be BRAVE everyday as I semi-lay out my life so I listen to every song and video I can get of Josh especially on YouTube. Josh, I don't know if you realize what you do for people, who because of another person's error, have become "disabled" and can no longer be totally self-sufficient when previously lived a full, exciting life filled with travel, lots and lots of concerts, etc. That's me now; however, I count the blessings that I do have and one of them was discovering your voice, your passion when you sing, the love in your eyes for your beautiful gift that you keep giving to us so RAISES ME UP. In return, I pray that you get everything that makes you the happiest and the man you are and always want to be. I also wish you love and when you find it NEVER, NEVER let it go. Please come to Italy--and I hope you have a special place for someone who cherishes your voice and is in a wheelchair. Julia Paulina, Italy

Great video!
Love it! Nice and simple...just the way it should be. "Brave" is now my fav song!!