Josh Groban - I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) [Official Music Video]

Josh Groban - I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) [Official Music Video]

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Beautiful Song...I know he can't all his songs at his concerts..but that one would get attention for sure...his Stags tour to Ohio Blossom Aug.10 was Magical to say the least..did not want the night to end....

This is one of Josh's most beautiful songs and the rendition is out of this world! He takes the listener out of this world with him. I'll never be the same after listening to Josh sing this song and seeing the video. It went into my heart and soul and there it will stay. I've always longed for someone to feel that way about me and me about him & express that. God Bless Josh and all his endeavors, public and private. He deserves no less!

I just love the album "All that Echoes". I Believe and Brave are my favorite tracks. Thank you Josh for ALL your beautiful music.

I dedicated this song to my boyfriend.

This is wonderful!

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This is Absolutely WONDERFUL :D!!! I really like the way you Arranged the Lighting, Musicians; Singers in the Video:D. I am hard of hearing; so it was Wonderful to "see" the Music as it was being played : LOVED the String Arrangements;Lyrics :D!!!. Thank You So Much For Doing this :D!!!

Hi Josh:
As I'm driving ho from work, I'm listening to "All that Echoes", - sometimes, I do my best thinking when I"m driving and listening to your music -- listening to your music puts my life in perspective after a hard day at work in this extremely fast-paced, and sometimes, crazy world!! (even though, I love the hustle and bustle of city life -- at the best of times)!!
Josh, you never cease to amaze me, everytime I think your last albumis the best you've made, you always surpass perfection by just a little bit more and you make "All that Echoes"!! I think "All that Echoes" is nothing short of brillian!! -- Josh, If I may say, "you are a Baritone Genius"!! I think your work in colaboration with Mr. Cavallo (whom I think is such a great producer) is amazing and right on!! I think you and Mr. Cavallo make a brillian team!! From every beautiful and powerful song that you sing; from the amazing orchestral music and musicians, and all the great singers (including Laura Pausini); it all comes together so naturally beautiful in "All that Echoes"!! -- (And being said)!!
Lastly and very importantly; it nevery ceases to also amaze me Josh, how grounded you are, and such a truly nice person, - how you touch people's hearts and lives with your beautiful music, and through your kindness; -- ANND --" your great sense of humour"!!
I think the secret to Josh Groban and what sets you apart from everyone else is - how you remain so true to yourself, your family, your friends and your fans!! -- and that's what makes Josh Groban; Josh Groban - a very truly special person and a "Baritone Genius"!!
Lots of Love,
Micheline c
P.S. Josh, I now, know what "also" makes "All that Echoes" so very special; - your dedication to your Grandmother; - Evelyn Groban, which is so beautiful!!

P.S.S. - Josh, I would also like to comment, if I may, on your "I Believe" video, your "Falling Slowly" video; and your "All that Echoes" In the Round" video - (which I'm hoping, you will be pleasantly surprised for this particular video)!!

You are my inspiration!

Yes of course your "you raise me up" got me. I love tenors as did my dad (Irish heritage) but as an aging executive who just lost his mom I discovered your voice! Actually it was through a Celion Delon DVD given me for background music for my Alzheimers moms room. It so moved me that I had to find out who that voice was. You seem like a great guy with an exceptional voice. Keep us all happy!

We saw your concert in Minneapolis. You are Great. Just thought you would like to know. I really love Feburary song.
Chris Sabo

Josh I just love this song too. It has a beautiful melody. I really like the way they set up the background singers on bleachers. It added a lot to the vision of the video. That was such a great place where the video was filmed. I am really looking forward to seeing you when you come to Grand Rapids at the VanAndel Arena in October. I can hardly wait.

Josh. I just love this song, music video. It is just as good as Feberary Song and your live concert performance Awake. Looking forward to seeing you in concert in Minneapolis. You are the only one I listen to,
Chris Sabo

What I love the most about your music is the way your voice sounds in that ocean of tunes...


I love this video - simple and ingenious !

Also, You Raise Me Up...well, got my "fix" to face Day 3 living below the line, with I Believe; just love how Josh puts his whole being, heart and soul into this song and really all of his songs.
Julia Paulina

I want to see this on VH1 music videos as well as Brave. I don't understand why they aren't on. How can we remedy this? I'm sure there are many, many fans that feel the way.

This is so beautiful.