Josh Shopping for Toys For Tots

Josh Shopping for Toys For Tots

Watch as Josh, Sgt Halcovich, and Sgt Debrod go on a shopping spree on behalf of The Find Your Light Foundation for toys that will be going to boys and girls in need this holiday season through our friends at Toys for Tots!

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There are many ways in which people can help someone in need. I have posted an ad in the San Diego classifieds about the fact that I have a lot of toys to 5 superfoods

here are many ways in which people can help someone in need. I have posted an ad in the San Diego classifieds about the fact that I have a lot of toys to donate. I was contacted by several such foundations that collect Super foods

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Shopping spree on behalf of the find your light foundation for toys that will be going to boys and girls in need this holiday season through our friends at Toys for Tots.

I could start a store with the toys in my Rec Room LOL. Love this video. The way you put yourself out xoxo

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Josh Groban is so good about supporting others in need. I remember playing battleship when I was younger. My teacher told my parents to get the game in order to help me with my homework when I was was in 2nd grade (Josh Groban must have been thirteen or fourteen back then i think). He was so funny on how he claimed a few of the toys for his collection. I liked how he said that if people didn't know what he was doing, they would probably think him weird for taking a few of those dolls. I thought it also hysterical how he said that he claimed one of those dolls for himself. He is just soooooo funny. I like that he is aware about choking hazards such as the beads and jewelry.

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Thanks for all that you do, Josh.

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There are many ways in which people can help someone in need. I have posted an ad in the San Diego classifieds about the fact that I have a lot of toys to donate. I was contacted by several such foundations that collect and distribute toys and educational materials to children in need. Josh Groban got involved himself and I admire him for both his singing career but also for his charitable work.