Josh Sings Kanye West Tweets

Josh Sings Kanye West Tweets

Josh Sings Kanye West Tweets for a skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live

From the show: 
Jimmy Kimmel Live
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That was amazing! I really liked it!
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Absolutely hilarious! What else can possibly be said?!

Absolutely hilarious! What else can possibly be said?!

C'est la chose la plus drôle que j'ai jamais entendu! J'avais besoin d'un bon rire aujourd'hui! Merci! Merci!

my day has just been made! that was sooooooo frreakin funny!

With all this depressing news about the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan I just had to watch this video. Always make me laugh. Now, that I’ve watched it so many times tonight. I feel so much better now. Love the lyrics “Mutha$%#@ douchebags tonight.” Charlie’s too. “French fries are the devil.” You know it. Too funny! “I love me!!!!!” And you should because I love you too. :) This video is so HILARIOUS!!!!!! Agreed with Jimmy Kimmel (love him) definitely Grammy next year. OMG you have to do Charlie Sheen’s tweets next. Fur pillows or that marble table (that is pretty hard table to sleep on) something like that next? You know what I mean. With your brilliant mind I’m sure your going to come up with a hunting song. No Justin Bieber crap please! You just have to, have to! Joshua, I noticed you’re wearing your glasses all the time now. You and me both. Bad eye site, oh boy we are old. Do you wear contact lenses? For me they are alright. I like your glasses. You look great in them. Very handsome! I love you Joshua!!!!!!!!! MUAH!

he is hilarious!!! way to go, Josh!!!

Oh Yah! hahahahahahaha! I can't stop laughing after that, and I really needed that. Josh, now could you please help me, because I can't listen to any of these last few videos on your web site. The only one right now I can listen to is the one from your concert. I really was just crying out of frustration, because I feel I'm being shut out of these opportunities to enjoy the videos that are posted on the site, and I've tried to explain how your youtube and Vimeo videos work, so why can't they figure out how to make the others work, so I can access them, too? Then, this video got my attention, and I really needed that. Thank you so much. I love it.

I can't believe Josh just came up with so many perfect melodies on the spot to go with the "lyrics." Just brilliant. And I love that little "Oh, hello there" fake double-take at the beginning.

I just cannot get enough of this! High-larious!!!

Brilliant, absolutely just so brilliant! You are hilarious!!! You should so totally seriously do more tweets of celebrities and singers! It'd be just amazing!
Hahahaha, love you! <3

Hahaha, too hilarious, Josh! You'd make a pretty great comedian !

Those are some fantabulous-icious big glasses.
BUA HA! Very good indeed.
I approve.
Here's to conference tables and taking copious notes.

And again I say goodnight.
While stifling teary eyed giggles.
I needed that.

I LOVE THIS. Sometimes it almost makes me laugh in business meetings just the thought of it. I have to itch my nose and my eyes start watering so I keep a straight face.


Goodnight to you Groban.


french fries are the devil- hehehe. That was hilarious.

I 'm always watching this video since I saw it for the first time here. So funny! I cant' stop watching it! It's hilarious! Like it very much. Josh, you are not only a great singer. I'm wondering why aren't you yet in the movies.

THE funniest thing I've heard in a very long time!! Hilarious, Josh!

The new album 'Illuminations' is abs. beautiful, though I do seem to listen to 'Higher Window' and 'Hidden Away' more than the rest...
Oh! The Kanye West tweets skit was brilliant...hilarious :D Thanks for the laughter :p
Keep making the stunning music that you do :) the world needs much more of it!!!! ^___^

Haha !! I just can't stop watching it... and each time I am doubled up with laughter !!! Thanks for that :-D

Just saw it again tonight. Funny on so many levels. Just hilarious!

You seriously crack me up!! Loved it!

you're adorable! that was very funny

Hey Josh! May be Kanye West's next tweets will be better because of your "752 original songs" :) Well done! He must thank you for it!
And I thank you! It's sooo funny! Esp about classical music)))

Stop it!! You're killing me!! ROFLMBO! No..don't stop! I love it! The tune to the bike stores tweet was pretty!

Hahahahaha GREAT GREAT GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this funny Josh...

sooooooooooooo funny!!!!!

So funny! You're the most amazing artist I've ever seen.

hahaha me raxeii, mto engraçado!

sooo funny!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... Thanks... So funny!