Nevermind The Buzzcocks 2010

Nevermind The Buzzcocks 2010

Watch Josh host Never Mind the Buzzcocks on BBC2. Originally aired December 21, 2010

From the show: 
Never Mind the Buzzcocks
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I could watch this over and over again, one of your best shows. Come back soon

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After watching this show I am the big fan of Josh and thing no one can host Nevermind The Buzzcocks better than him. He was amazing there,....all the best you for bright future.
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7:24 is the funniest moment :D it really makes me laugh!

Hi Josh, you did an amazing job of hosting Never Mind Your Buzzcocks. I loved it when you told Phil where to go. Please come to Australia soon :).

I have watched this show for years, and have to say this is the best episode EVER! you should do it every week.

This was sooo funny!!

Loved your face at the ''Awwwww'' Cute ;)

A little crude at some parts but even then I found myself laughing out loud. Josh you are hilarious! I'd say get your own show but you said you would hate the camera in your face 24/7, so scratch that! Anyway, you are amazing as usual!

OMG! Sooooooooooo funny! :D Hilarious!
You made my day after watching it. I loved everytime Josh pouted and when he told don't-remember-the-name to f... off. Lol!
Thanks for posting it.

Oh Josh, you are soooooooooooo Great,CUTE and soooooo Funny.
You have so many talents......thank`s for this funny video.

OMG!!!! : ) so love it !!! Josh, U r so cute!!!!

Oh my gosh man (or J-Gro) - you're hilarious!! I was rolling with funny!! You did a fantastic job...perfect comedic timing. Hope you get to do that again :-)

'My disability 'It sucks being awesome' Absoloute gold!

Great way to while away half an hour. Thanks for sharing it!

poor josh not allowed to sing that pouty lip made my heart melt

I LOVED the ovulation joke man thats AWSOME

You are hilarious!! The "thing you do with your hand" joke about making women ovulate, I almost messed myself. Then Big Phil saying "the hand thing" just reversed his vasectomy, I did mess myself. SNL needs you. All that and you didn't even sing. Your humor is a force to be reckoned with. DJ

So funny. How do you feel hearing that you make women ovulate and reverse vasectomies? You would make more than a fortunate being an OBGYN on the side at this point.

Great job.

So funny. How do you feel hearing that you make women ovulate and reverse vasectomies? You would make more than a fortunate being an OBGYN on the side at this point.

Great job.

Too funny. Josh and Michael Ball dueting at the end was awesome.

josh you need to host the show again! that was the best episode i have seen all season. great job!!

I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. What can I say Josh, You are just oozing with talent. It seems like there is nothing you cannot do. I'll be looking forward to more videos from you.

Definitely the funniest tv show ever!! You're the perfect host!

OMJ, I laughed all the way through this, ending with tears in my eyes! Thanks, Josh, I needed that!!!

This is awesome and very funny. Yes the pout that Josh makes when he is glared at is amazing. Just love it.Thanks for posting this.
Excellent Josh :)

ROFL! Love it. The pout Josh gives when he gets glared at for singing is awesome. Hehe.

Great job, Josh. :)