Today Show - 02/14/2011

Today Show - 02/14/2011

Josh performing "Higher Window" live on the Today Show

From the show: 
Today Show - 02/14/2011
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Great song,just great!!!!!!!!

Fantastic... So happy you do post these.. I hope you know how happy you make so many people.... You just radiate!
I hope you didn't sit in that tub alone or with Sweeney...

I am Grobanite for a long time. I really love your hard work, "Higher Window" is a nice song. Say hello to Tariq, who plays the guitar and I hope you had a great Valentine's Day.

Josh, what a nice interview. Thoroughly enjoyed it, as always. I always immensely enjoy hearing you speak. It seems you cast a spell on me and the interviewer(s). You are so expressive and so sincere.

Josh is just being a very smart man. He needs to be careful in choosing someone to truly love because he is no ordinary man. And he can take his time waiting/choosing for the right woman. She better be most deserving of him because Josh is a perfect guy, with the most beautiful voice, the most gorgeous looks and most alluring personality and great character.Whoever it is someday is the luckiest woman in the whole world and the envy of all of us millions of women.

I am a joshaholic too I listen to him at work too all night I'm a 3rd shifter I love this song Josh but I just bet it came from a broken heart I'm sorry

Josh was fabulous on the Today Show. I love Higher Window. To be honest, I love all of his music. I listen to him every day.... sometimes all day while I work. I am a Joshaholic.

love the song, love Josh, loved the performance. I don't think he could sound bad if he tried! Thanks, JOSH AND GUYS. BTW...the guys sound pretty doggone good too.

I didn't get to see perform on the Today Show, so thank you very much Josh for putting on the website. You sound great live. I cant wait to see you in concert.