"Voce Existe Em Mim" Lyric Video

"Voce Existe Em Mim" Lyric Video

Official lyric video for Josh's new song "Voce Existe Em Mim"

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This song is my heart beat..I hope the new album will give us new arrangements, new musical instruments....What Josh is preparing for us? PPPPPPPPAM!!!! The Oscar goes to......))))

This music looks like a heart beating.... seek another... with a sea of love flooding the chest with emotion.
Thanks for singing in portuguese of my country, Brazil.
(Essa música parece um coração batendo... a procurar o outro..... com um mar de amor inundando o peito de emoção. Obrigada por cantar em português do meu país, o Brasil).

Josh, você é incrível. Sou brasileira e me sinto honrada por você cantar em português. Te amo. Você é maravilhoso. Só falta agora você vir ao Brazil.
Beijos e que Deus te abençõe sempre. Você tem um talento imenso.

Hi . I´m a huge fan of your work and i saw the Official lyric video of the song " Você existe em mim". The sound mix is great and i know well all the work of Carlinhos Brow when i lived in Salvador. I apologize and don´t get me wrong but i saw that you have 2 wrong words.
Who wrote, not wrote well. In the part " Vim (sevi) amor e aterrissar..." is " Vim (servir) amor e aterrissar" and the other one is the part " (Serra) que em Deus os versos nascem assim" is " (Será) que em Deus os versos nascem assim". Maybe some fans do not see, but as i am from Portugual and i see a great musician singing in other language, in this case portuguese ( Brazilian), is very important leave the right message because is an honor for all people that speak portuguese listen this beatiful song.
Sorry my english mistakes ;-)
With love


I love this song! the drums are so amazing really gets you into it! <3

i love this song, the lyrics, the upbeat rythm, the drums...and lets not forget that eye candy a singin...Josh! it is a winner all the way around, but then I expect no less from such a talented man.


Hola Josh, amo esta canción, no puedo dejar de escucharla!!!

Gracias Josh por esta canción!!! la amo, me encanta, es hermosa. COME TO MÉXICO SOON, please...
God bless you... I love you.