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JG's "Alleged Sex Life" and So Much More.....

on August 6, 2008 - 9:45am

Dear Josh - Please give me a minute as I dust off the dust and cobbwebs that have developed on this blog. It has been an eternity since I last wrote you. (I think that my last entry was January of 2008) I have been absent so long because since then my life has been filled with much pain, loss and grief. (All non-Josh related)

I have a grandfather and a father-in-law who are in their mid-nineties. 2008 has ushered in a year of profound illness for both of them. On May 5,2008, my father in-law went back home to God. In other words, he died. He was 94. My grandfather is still in and out of the hospital on a regular basis. He was released from the hospital a couple of days ago. I just received word that he has returned to the hospital where he is in stable, but critical condition. He has a serious infection in his liver and pancreas, and the next 48 hours are crucial. In other words, he may not survive the week. He is 96 years old.

Going through this roller coaster of family illness and life and death struggles has taken its own emotional toll on me. You, as a person, can do nothing about this and I do not in the least expect you to. But when the struggle between life and death stares you square in the face, somehow following the antics of any particular celebrity, including yourself, seems profondly meaningless. That is why I chose not to write until today.

Even though I have not been on this blog for at least eight months, I have been following your career as best as I can via your My Space account updates. They have kept me abreast of your activities while I am grieving. I also have established for myself, a Google Alert, that updates me daily via on any websites or blogs where your name is mentioned. It is a Google Alert that prompted me to write today.

Yesterday, while online, I opened a Google link that led me to which then led me to a link where an interview was posted online. The Grobie wanted to know if this article about you was true? Was this really you?

Well, since NONE OF THE GROBANITES really know you. I can not say if it is true or not. But it was one of the most disgusting articles that I ever read about you. It was even more disgusting than your support of the song "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode. It talked about your "allleged" sex life: how you liked to have sex with multiple women at the same time in any position that is comfortable for you. I think that you refered to these women as "Booty Calls" and I think that 2 is the number of booty calls that you prefer. The interview also talked about how you picked your nose, smoked pot and called people f****_tards when they cut in front of you on the road. Gee, Josh, this is exactly what a devoted Grobanite like myself wants to read...and if you believe that statement, I have a bridge off of the River Quai to sell you.

In your defense, another Grobanite on posted a statement from you saying that your statements during this interview were meant to be taken sarcastically, not literally. Since you do have an irreverent sense of humor, I could see that as plausible explanation for your off-colored comments, but that does not make it any less disgusting. It just makes it wearisome and disgusting at the same time.


What a lonely life you must lead Josh - lonelier than my own. Even though you have been given the blessings of a loving family. friends, and money at your disposal to do good in the world, you are still and adolescent boy longing for genuine intimacy. And you think that you can acheive by being sexually perverse. Oh it may attract some people to you for a time, but it will never give you the intimacy you desire. You have to grow up emotionally and spiritually to achieve that.

Josh, as someone who is involved in a committed sexual relationship, I can tell you that sexual intimacy is not a spectator sport. Sex is not good, like Campbell's Soup. It is not great, like Kellogg's Frosted Flakes. Sexual intimacy is a HOLY and SACRED ACT! It requires a sacred commitment between the two parties because many times, this act produces a third distinct human being that the couple needs to love and nurture for their entire life. Why Josh,do you want to sell yourself short of this beautiful intimacy that is waiting for you if you would just learn to wait for it? I just don't understand that.

I tried to find more responses to this article on the forums at, but couldn't find any. I did find a f****tard reference on many Grobies blogs and I even found a new slogan "Be a Fan, Respect the Man." Well, let me tell you, I am going to continue to be your fan, but I can not respect a man who debases and pornifies himself and his God-given sexuality like you did for a few brief moments of celebrity recognition. Disgust replaces respect here. When you can give interviews on more serious topics, like your music, you will earn again my respect. Right now, however, you do not have it.

I know that my words right now sound harsh and angry, but what I am really feeling right now is PROFOUND SADNESS. There is a real battle going on in your soul. A battle between good and evil. And evil is triumphing. And even though I pray for you regularly, my prayers have no effect on the choices you make. And that saddens me.

I am going to leave you with the words of a song by ABBA called "The Winner Takes It All." It speaks of the battles that exist in our lives, and it speaks to me the sadness in my heart of concerning your current and irreparable choices. I hope that you like it.


Ampatamia, the Least of All the Grobanites.

"I don't want to talk about the things that we have gone through. Though it is hurting me, now its history. I have played all my cards, and that is what you have done too. Nothing more to say. No more ace to play.

The winner takes it all. The loser is standing small. Beside the victory, that's her destiny.

I was in your arms; thinking I'd belong there. I figured it made sense; building me a fence. Building me a home; thinking that I would strong there. But I was the fool; playing by the rules.

The gods may throw the dice. Their minds as cold as ice. And someone way down here, loses someone dear. (that's you Josh!)

The winner takes it all. The loser has to fall. It's simple and it's plain. Why should I complain?

But tell me does she kiss, like I used to kiss you? Does it feel the same, when she calls your name? Somewhere deep inside, you must know I miss you. But what can I say, rules must be obeyed.

The judges will decide. The likes of me abide. Spectators of the show always staying low. The game is on again - a lover or a friend. A big thing or a small - the winner takes it all.

I don't want to talk, if it makes you feel sad. And I understand, you have come to shake my hand. I apologize if is makes you feel bad - seeing me so tense; no self-confidence.

But you see -THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL!!!!


Suddenly, the winner takes it all, and the loser has to fall.

Throw the dice - cold as ice.
Way down here - someone dear. (that's you Josh!)

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The Wrath of Calumny and Detraction

on January 12, 2008 - 2:42pm

Dear Josh - WOW! It has been quite awhile since I wrote to you. I wanted to continue my e-letters during the holiday season, but the chaos of that time of year overtook me quite quickly. I just had no time to write, and on top of that, I was going through another emotional coaster ride concerning my feelings for you and my interactions with other members of this website.

There are two sins, in my opinion,that I really want to avoid when I am writing to you. They are both sins fo the tongue. (i.e. gossip) They are called calumny and detraction. In case you would ever want to remember these sins think of the middle letter in each of them. "L" in calumny for "lies" and "TR" in detraction for "truth". A calumny is basically a lie or spreading a falsehood about someone. Detraction is making a statement of truth about someone to a person who has no right to know it. Both actions destroy a person's reputation. The Catholic Church always defends the right to someone's good name. Calumny and detraction destroy someone's good name. That is why they are considered MORTAL SINS in the teachings of the Catholic Church.

You do not know how easy it is to commit those sins in a blog like this. Josh, I do not write these e-letters for you to read them. Personally I DON'T THINK that you do read them even though you are always free to do so. I write these to help me sort out my thoughts and feelings concerning you.

But if I am struggling with feedback that I received from a fellow Grobie, I don't feel comfortable coming back here and writing about it. This happened A LOT right before the holiday season. At one point, I was even having a serious conflict with Grobie friend, my one and only friend in Grobania. We worked it through, thank God. But if I wrote about it here, I could have easily added calumny and detraction to the list of issues that we were wrestling with. And I did not want that to happen, not only to Grobie friend, but to another Grobie whose comments really struck a nerve with me. I DO NOT WANT to use this forum to destroy your good name, Josh, or the good names of those who choose to interact with me. I know that I have only ONE GOOD FRIEND here in Grobania, but that does not give me the right to damage the good names of those who choose NOT TO BE my friend.

As I wrestled with my feelings toward you this holiday season, I could see calumny and detraction entering in and making my life in Grobania a virtual nightmare, if I chose to write about it on this blog. So I had to step back and get some perspective. I am glad that I did, but calumny and detraction are still lurking around every corner. They know how sensitive I am to the feedback I receive from other Grobies concerning you, and they are ready to strike when I am sad and conflicted about you. The Christmas/holiday battle may be over, but the war is not. I hope that I can remember this when Calumny and Detraction make their appearance in Grobania once again.

Meanwhile, I missed the day in December that I was named "Friend of the Day." Do I have that right? I do not know. I discovered it by reading the comments on my last blog entry. I have NO IDEA how your people pick the Friend of the Day, but I am flattered that I was chosen. Thank you for that honor. It was another wonderful holiday present from you.

Well, I think that I am going to end this e-letter for now. There is more that I want to write, but I think that whoever reads this needs to have the space to think about the destructive reality of calumny and detraction on this website.

So in honor of your leading role in the play Chess in London, I bless you once again with the words of St. John of the Cross: "Take God for your spouse and friend, and walk with Him continually. You will not sin and you will learn to love, and the things that you MUST DO will work out PROSPEROUSLY for you." (emphasis mine.)

May God bless you abundantly, Josh Groban, whereever you are.


Ampatamia, the LEAST of ALL the Grobanites.

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The AWAKE Tour Bus Meets Power to the People.

on November 12, 2007 - 4:28pm

Dear Josh - Part of the mystique of being "The Least of All the Grobanites" is that I am behind the curve in just about EVERYTHING - including updates on YOU! I do not have the time to follow your career as closely as I would like, and if it was not for Grobie friend's faithful devotion, I probably would have missed completely the release of NOEL, and all the beautiful classic music that you gave us this holiday season. My life is THAT BUSY!

That being said, I have written in the past about how I am a huge fan of the political talk show pundit, Laura Ingraham and because I am perpetually behind the curve, I listen to her show on podcast.

Last week I was listening to her show on September 25 and during the first hour, she was talking about the new bus that she was living in as she went around the country to promote her new book: POWER TO THE PEOPLE. She was telling her audience and hinting to her producer AJ that the bus driver told her that the occupant of this particular bus before her was a young and well-known vocal artist with the initials JG. When I heard those initials, I knew that it had to be you. She repeated your initials a couple of more times to AJ before she finally decided to announce "JOSH GROBAN" to her entire listening audience. And even though I knew it was you, I was still suprised to hear Laura say it.

Now this bus that Laura was occupying did not transport the Groband or the other myriad of people who accompany you on tour. No, Laura made it quite clear that this was YOUR BUS, and she even commented on sleeping in the bed that you slept in while on the AWAKE Tour. (Laura is a germophobe and she wondered if you were a "clean" person. She finally concluded that you were - like DUH Laura!) But sleeping in your bed on the bus was difficult for her so she announced on her September 26th show that she hoped that you slept better than she did on that bus. The answer to that statement, we will never know.

Laura and you, Josh, both love dogs and like you, Laura has a dog named Lucy. I love her dog,Lucy as much as I love your dog, Sweeney. They are both beautiful dogs who are quite entertaining in their own right. Unlike you, however Laura did not take Lucy on tour with her, but if she had, I am sure that Lucy would have had a ball sniffing out and marking over Sweeney's territory on that bus. It would probably would have been a sight to see, but alas Lucy remained at Laura's home in D.C. thus the Lucy/Sweeney territorial battle has been averted.

For any Grobies who may be interested, there are pictures of the bed that you and Laura slept in SEPARATELY AND AT DIFFREENT DATES AND TIMES, on her website Laura I had seen the picture of Laura on this bed before I listented to the September 25th show. If I knew that you had slept there, I would have looked at it closer. I hope that other Grobies enjoy seeing it if they choose to visit that site.

So Josh, wherever you may be, always take God for your spouse and friend and walk with Him continually. You will not sin and you will learn to love and the things that you MUST DO will work out PROSPEROUSLY for you. (St. John of the Cross)


Ampatamia - the Least of All the Grobanites.

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on October 30, 2007 - 5:10pm

Dear Josh - On this eve of Halloween, I feel kind of spooky and weird writing this. Once this is read by YOU (which IT WILL NOT BE!) or other Grobies, which may happen - I don't know - I will probably by the laughing stock of Grobania. But then again, I probably already am. So hey, what do I have to lose.....

In my deepest heart of hearts, I am pondering what a few short months in a year can make. Earlier this year, I seriously contemplated terminating our celebrity/fan realtionship. My reasons for doing so were my concerns over comments someone said that you made about the song "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode. (I have written extensively about this in the past - so I am not going to bore you or anyone else with any further details) I had come to the conclusion that spiritually you were as superficial and shallow as many of your celebrity peers, and I, as a member of the fan base, wanted nothing to do with that.

So March 10,2007 was the date set for our "good-bye." I had spent good money to see you perform in Rochester, New York that night, so no matter how I felt about you, I would not have missed your concert for the world. It was too financially costly to do so. But after that performance, I would just simply disappear as a fan and you would be none the wiser.

But, I am sure that you are wondering "If this is so, why are you still here?" The answer to that question, Josh, is due to an act of God.

I love to listen to a conservative radio pundit named Laura Ingraham. I listen to her on podcast because I do not have time to listen to her show during the day. She talks a lot about politics, Hollywood, celebrities, and the "pornification of the culture." - a term coined only by her.

One day, a few weeks before your Rochester concert, I was listening to Laura Ingraham on podcast, and she was talking, not about you, but about some of your celebrity peers who are leading questionable lives. I was agreeing to almost all of what she said when suddenly she strongly admonished her listening audience not to turn away from these celebrities in disgust. Instead, we should be fervently praying for them, because they have no one in their lives who will do that for them. In Laura Ingraham's opinion, they were truly the saddest people in the entire world.

Well, when I heard this I knew that God was speaking to me through Laura Ingraham's words. (This statement, Josh, is where I will be mocked in Grobania until kingdom come. But it is MY TRUTH. I can not deny it.) At that moment, I knew that God was asking me to remain a devoted fan, and that instead walking away in anger, I should be praying for you because maybe YOU NEED those prayers.

Since that fateful moment, I have tried as hard as I can to be faithful to MY TRUTH. I will never know if my daily prayers for you impact you in any way, but I know that I must pray for you. And I also know that God does not call me to be successful in this endeavor; only faithful. So here I am. Another devoted fan among many.

So, fast forward a bit to today and the reality that about three weeks ago, you released your only Christmas album; NOEL. This album of beautifully recorded Christmas classics has shown me that maybe you are not spiritually bankrupt like your celebrity peers. Maybe it is just REALLY, REALLY HARD to express your spirituality safely in the Hollywood culture in which you are immersed.

And look at what I would have missed if I had walked away in anger, Josh. God is good. GOD IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD!

So for some closing music tonight, I am going to leave you with the words of Il Divo's Christmas classic titled: REJOICE. The words of this song speak to me of my journey with you over the past year.

Where did I misplace my faith? Where did I set it down? Which won the day that I forgot what this was all about?

And I came so close to throwing it all away. But I am taking it back again.
So come and rejoice. Come and rejoice. What was lost, is found.

Cual es el dia en que olvide.
Mi fe y mi sentir. Mi vida fue un sin vivir. La quiero compartir.
(translation: Which is the day in which I forgot my faith and my feelings. My life was without living. I want to share it....)

Llegue a pensar
Deja todo y olvidar, Pero vuelvo a empezar.
(translation: I started to think to leave everything and forget. but I return to begin.)

So come and rejoice
Come and rejoice

And you do not even have to make a sound.

I feel it in your touch, you say it with your eyes.

What was lost, is found.

What was lost, is found.

May God bless you abundantly Josh Groban wherever you are.


Ampatamia - the Least of all the Grobanites

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A Resoponse to Your Thanks Josh

on October 14, 2007 - 3:22pm

Dear Josh - Whenever I purchase a new album, I love to read the credits at the end of the album. I do this because I want to see who collaborated with the artist in creating the album and who the artist personally values enough to mention by name.

Unfortunately, my musical collection is a bit limited. Most of the albums that I own are either from Donny Osmond, you, or Il Divo.

Donny Osmond always dedicates his albums to his wife Debbie and his five sons whom he refers to as "The Boys." Then he will give a VERY BRIEF THANKS to his most devoted fans known as Donny.comer's. Carlos of Il Divo is newly married, and he always dedicates his album to Geraldine, his girlfriend/wife. I have to double check their album credits to see if they thank their fans at all. Right now, I don't remember.

But when you released AWAKE, you had the best thanks to the fans that I have ever read. You wrote: "My beautiful beloved fans. THIS IS FOR YOU. As I write my liner notes for album number 3, all I can do is give thanks for what you have allowed me to become and be proud of the people you are. I'm the luckiest artist around. Here's to the next step on this journey together."

I have never felt so genuinely and personally addressed by someone I do not know and I will never meet. I was deeply touched by your words to your devoted fans, and I cherish them every time I listen to the Internet version of AWAKE.

Well, your long awaited Christmas album, Noel, was released this week and as a dutiful Grobanite, I have my two copies. The CD that I pre-orded and the CD/DVD that I purchased from Target. I read the credits of the album before I listened to it, and I did catch your "Thanks" to the fans. It was interesting. I wish that it was as warm as the Thanks on the AWAKE album, but it was still quite telling.

You wrote: "To my fans - I know that you've wanted this album for a while. Thank you for being patient and letting me make it at the right time. I hope that you enjoy it."

In response to your thanks all that I can say is THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU THANK-YOU for finally having the courage to record this unbelievably beautiful album.

I have been one of those fans who has wanted this album for quite a long while. I remember commenting on the message boards about certain songs that I dreamed you would sing if you ever recorded a Christmas album.

Even though I am 100% confident that I will never meet you or that you have never read a word that I have written over the past five years. still somehow you listened. Not just to me, but to the countless other fans who wanted this album as much as I did. You recorded the Christmas songs that meant the most to us in such a classically beautiful way that they are timeless. Once again, I am deeply touched by what you have done for your fans. I am VERY GRATEFUL for the release of NOEL, and I am fervently praying that it will become the most successful album that you have ever released.

So, Josh Groban whereever you are in the world. May you always take God for your spouse and your friend and walk with Him continually. You will not sin and you will learn to love, and the things that you MUST DO will work out PROSPEROUSLY FOR YOU! (St. John of the Cross)


Ampatamia - the Least of All the Grobanites


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