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on April 28, 2006 - 8:42pm

They pulled my name out of the hat today for iracette's newsletter I think. That reminded me of another drowing I was involved with.I thought it might be interestnig to share. I was 19 years old and just graduated from collage and ingaged to be married in a few weeks. In that time in my country Iran weman had to go to military service or get clearance in order to be employed , meaning that I could not get a job unless I either did my military service or be excused from it. the way they picked you for that was by drowing,and guess what out of hundreds of people with my majer they needed one and of course they drow my name. so i got stuck for two years in military doing some stupid job that didn't have anything with my majer. fortunatly this time it's for fun.

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FOJG , my detangler

on April 25, 2006 - 5:03pm

The day I joined FOJG ,I had mixed feeling about what I've done, it was a whole new experience for me. I was always a very proper person, I never did anything that was not expected from me as a lady a wife and a mother ,etc...
so this was the first time ever I was doing something that was not even In my vocabulary , a fan club!!! they thought I'm loosing head or something, proper people don't do these kind of idiotic things in my culture. I did it any way beacause I wanted to do it , so once in my life I did something without considering anyone's openion, and you know what ,they got over it . I know you think what's the big deal about being in a fan club but belive me, it is if you know our culture. it took me a while to get use to it too. but i'm glad I did it. I learn a lot in these past few months. I learned a little about computer( still in progress), I learn to talk to peolpe that I don't know without being afraid of being judjed,I found some friends and met new people, and the most important thing was to learn that it's ok to do what I want once in a while, it's ok to open up a little and not to be proper all the time , it dosen't hurt anyone and it makes me feel better . It's so nice to feel free and untangled. and probably in the eyes of some people so pethatic, but that's the thing I don't care what the others think any more . isn't this some sort of progress?.

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Josh takes over our work place

on March 22, 2006 - 8:11pm

our work place is officially been Joshed. all we play al lday is Josh 's songs and every one loves it . specially our clients . I thought it was only the days that Iam at work we have his music on , since the CDs are mine and when I am not at work they are locked in my station. but our recepsionist told me today that when I'm not there one of my coworkers opens it up with his key and takes my CD out and plays it. I think he fell in love with Josh too ,some times I catch hime talking about him with his clients . so now I have an assistant to take over my Joshie work while I'm not there.I've never experiense such an amazing response to any type of music . every one thinks it is beautiful and classie and they all love the voice .

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another day with his music

on March 9, 2006 - 6:44pm

today when our receptionist came to work she asked me if she can play my Josh's CD, that's her every day request now, then she asked about the (fojg) and how to join , she said she is falling in love with Josh, and she started the music . a client walked in and asked me"who is singing?" she wanted to see the CD cover and wrote Josh's name down . she said she was looking for some good music for a while and she found this very beautiful and relaxing. another client that was already there and was listening to our conversation ,said she has all his CDs and she loves Josh, I asked her if she is a grobanite, she haven't heard of us so I gave her the website adress and some other links so she can watch some clips and interviews.everyone wanted tolisten to more songs from hime . so I used my Ipod Iconect my Itrip to our sterio and played more songs for them, It was crazy ,we were all sitting around the sterio and were listening for almost an hour even our manager joined us . untill I had to come home. so I left my CDs with them and they were still listening when I left.

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a very nice day at work

on February 23, 2006 - 9:59pm

I had a long but exiting day at work . my first client who is a opera singer is my favorait client , we always talk about music. today we talked about Bocceli and his new CD, and I used my i-tune and played the songs for her with the help of my new i-trip she loved it. she said that how much this type of music helps alot of people to have a better brain function and improves childrens attension spams for math and different activities. my second client was a Josh Groban fan she arrived when me and my coworkers were listening to his CD, so for two hours we talked about Josh and his songs , she did not know of Grobanites ,and when I told her she asked a lot of questions about the website and how to be a member .so I filled her out I think she might join. then my manager and another coworker wanted to listen to Josh and know about him and his music. I was really happy to answer their quesions because they are young and I didn't think they might be interested in this type of music but once again Josh did his majic with his wonderful voice and made them listen to his music and love it . it was a very nice day at work for me too, I met a fan and and two more became fans or at least heard his music and now they know who Josh Groban is.


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