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on June 2, 2010 - 4:21am

We're on vacation here in North Myrtle Beach S. Carolina this week. I needed it so badly. But as a parent you're never FULLY on vacation. LOL. "Hey mom,, can I buy this? Can we play putt putt now?" and so on and so forth.

When we first arrived it was the North Atlantic Bike Week in downtown Myrtle. This entails mostly african americans on ninja bikes screaming down the road weaving in and out of traffic. Luckily our condo doesn't allow any of that. They were gone by Monday. Interesting views - got flashed several times and we're not just talking breasts either. It's hard to drive the van with one hand over your kids eyes.

Usually the town shuts down during this week because of the fatalities and the riff raff that goes on. But then the ACLU got involved and Myrtle Beach surrendered, but they didn't go down easy. They enforced pipe laws and helmet laws putting a damper on all the wild and crazy fun.

It's all quiet now and you can actually go out and eat seafood without a soft porn show on the way.

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on March 30, 2010 - 7:13pm

I received so many great responses to my last journal entry....from Jan, Jackie, Lindyjean and naughtykate.

You totally got what I was saying and that's so nice.

Here's what happened with us. We were a part of this "wonderful" small group that they push you into being apart of. We finally found one after 3 years of searching for our place.
Loved the small group leader Mark and had about 5 families we were tight with. Even went on vacation with them last summer.

This past January our leader's wife Angela just quit coming around. Our leader, Mark cried during class and made it look like he was the victim, etc.

Me and my friend Jennifer knew this wasn't normal with Angela, so I called Mark and asked if we could come get her and be her friend and tell her how much we miss her. He "warned" me and told me that there was no telling what she was going to tell us.
I thought that was so odd.

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on March 21, 2010 - 7:58am

The first day of spring was beautiful here in E. TN. We went down to a park called The Cove. Although there were no leaves on the trees, the park was filled with families, couples, children and lots of animals. The lake was nearby and there were people in their sailboats. The temps were in the 70's. It was a gorgeous day.
We grilled out hamburgers and walked the trails. The kids skipped rocks in the lake. I just kept breathing these big sighs. That's what I do every spring.

Things are settling down with my brother and his wife. I guess when both parties have money, it's easier to part ways. Lindy already is in her new house 2 blocks over from my brother. There is still a lot of hurt, but everybody is getting settled. It's just the holidays that will be awkward.

We've layed out of church today for the 3rd time in a month. I'm so discouraged with that place right now. Don't get me wrong, I love God. I'm just so tired of the organized part of things at the moment. I need to step back and take a good hard look at things. Anybody else ever get to that place?

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on February 21, 2010 - 7:07am

*sigh*'s Sunday morning and I've decided to be a recluse today. I'm so tired...mentally and emotionally.

I use this journal as a tell all sometimes, so I'm just going to tell all today.

My brother called me about 3 weeks ago and informed me he and his wife of 18 years will "probably" be getting a divorce. He was telling me this via cellphone while I was driving to work one morning. I was in total and complete shock and I probably will end up with a red light ticket because I'm pretty sure I blew through one as he was dropping the bomb on me.

You hear of divorce all the time and cheating, etc. So this may not be a big deal to anyone out there.

Pat (my brother) said that he had made some mistakes that he wasn't proud of. He said that he and Lindy had been growing apart for the last 5 years or so. He said he met someone else. But the real kicker was when he said "You think you're in love until you actually find true love."

I was floored by that remark.

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on January 28, 2010 - 11:45am

As much as you want to believe 2010 is going to be the best year yet....Life still happens.

I have felt for awhile that I needed to take Reagan to the doctor. In my heart, I knew something was not right with her. What I noticed was that she craved sweets like a smoker craves cigarettes. Her moods were up and down, etc.

Finally I took her to a regular OB doctor and they did blood work. It came back and the doctor called me to say that Reagan's insulin levels were very high. The norm is 20 at the highest. Her's was 56. They immediately schedule me with a reproductive endocrinologist.

We went and the doctor said Reagan has PCO - polycystic ovarian disease.
It screws up your hormones and makes your insulin levels high and makes you crave sweets like you wouldn't believe!!

Finally some answers. They are putting her BC pills and Metformin to bring her insulin level down. The pills are huge, but it could be worse.
Thank God for doctors and another blessing was that our insurance paid for her medicine 100%.

I've more to share, but have to pick up kids......


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