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Today was cool....

on January 14, 2010 - 4:31pm

Today I got the opportunity to go to an inner city school and volunteer. Frankly I was dreading it. I had better things to do, but I agreed because my small group at church needed people since we adopted the school.

This school is made up largely of hispanic and afr-american kids....the cutest kids you've ever seen on the face of this earth. They needed someone to read to in order to strengthen their reading skills, so I got to sit and have these precious little kindergarteners read to me.

I had 3 girls in my group. Ana, Haven and Estella. 2 of them spoke spanish. I was more enamored with them speaking spanish. I was asking them to teach me things in spanish when I really should have had them reading to me in english. It was a total blast.

Haven was fascinated with my hair since she had braids. She kept creeping closer and closer to me. Then she started touching my hair. I said "I didn't straighten my hair today." She said "Yeah, it could be brushed better, but it's so pretty. I like it." HAHAHAHA.
I loved her honesty.

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4 large coffee mugs....

on January 2, 2010 - 6:03am

That was my most favorite Christmas gift this year. I'm sitting here drinking out of one of them. The simplest things thrill me anymore. I also got a pine scented candle that I could just sit and stick my nose in non stop. I love that smell more than any smell in the world.

I'm finally renewed back up for a year. That was a good New Years Day thing to do. Great way to start off the decade....with a little Josh!

One funny Christmas story....I will keep it short. You hear me talk about my husband Robert....(That is him there in the blue snuggie)

Well, this year he decided to pull out the Christmas lights and hang them on the house. He got them all up there all nice and pretty and went to plug them in. Nothing.
He tried another combination of plugs......again nothing. He messed with those things for 30 minutes and still nothing. (I had my own struggle going on with a lighted polar bear trying to get his legs to stay attached.)
Anyway, I could just sense Robert's frustration boiling and I knew any minute he was going to blow sky high.

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Checking in......

on December 6, 2009 - 5:52am

I'm sitting here eating a smoked cheese, date and onion thingy leftover from a christmas party we attended last night. It is absolutely delish!! Just thought I'd check in with FOJG before I headed out to church.

There's a gorgeous new pic floating around out there. Not sure where that's from.

I haven't plugged in my Noel just yet. I've heard Josh several places this year, but I'm saving him until further into December. So I can savor that beautiful music.

I went to see Imogen Heap a couple of weekends ago. Love her. So very talented and adorable.

She came to a little place called the Square room in Knoxville. We were right at the stage. I was completely entralled at all the gadgets up there that she made music with. People of all ages loved her music and drove from everywhere to hear her.

We had snow yesterday for the first time in ages here in little East Tennessee. aaand it's already melted.

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I caught Reagan.....

on November 10, 2009 - 5:51pm

listening to Josh just now! :))))

My 14 year old daughter. She is into all sorts of eclectic music. It does me good to see her still loving Josh.

This past summer I took her to see Blink 182. I bought the tickets because my hope was to also see FallOutBoy and All American Rejects.

Talk about reject!!! We drove all the way to Atlanta and found out Blink was the only band playing. I went to the ticket booth to ask why we weren't notified of it and was told that because FOB and AAR weren't headlining Live Nation wasn't required to notify their customers. they didn't. I stifled my anger and went to sit down. Never heard the first thing Blink 182 sang. All I knew was that Travis Barker had been in a horrific plane crash and survived.

When I got home I googled the CEO of LiveNation and the CEO of Ticketing and I politely drafted a letter to them. I wasn't asking for anything except for them to change their notification policy and at least give their customers a chance to get a refund when things change.

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Love it!

on November 9, 2009 - 3:49pm

We can go back and find our very first journal posts!! They kept it all! That is pretty cool. I was at such a different place in my life when I first became a fan of Josh.

I love the new sight.


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