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on March 13, 2009 - 6:22pm

My computer cord has a short in it. Every so often I'll see a little spark....and the cord won't work to charge up my laptop.

I think the problem is that I've tripped over it so many times getting up from the couch I've caused it to short out.

I've tripped over it and the kids have tripped over it numerous times.

Riley's the one that told me it was sparking. "Oh the way....there is a little spark coming out of the cord on your computer."

He loves to say " the way.."

I always brace myself for what's to come next.

He was playing at the coffee table with playdoe just now. He found a little bitty container of it in his toy box. He started rolling it out and cutting it up like pizza. He said "Hey mom...when I grow up I'm going to be a pizza maker. Oh I'm going to work with Trent." (Trent is his best friend.)
He was playing with that play doe like he's never seen it before and he's 8 years old.

He cracks me up so bad. He said "Oh mom...this morning at breakfast, they had the worstest orange juice ever. It smelled like that time I spilled orange juice in my backpack and it stayed there for a few days."

We are headed up to the mountains tomorrow for an overnight trip to this indoor water park resort place with Trent's family. It's supposed to be pretty cool. It will be a good get away.

I'll probably leave my sparkin' laptop at the house to give it a rest.

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Springing forward.....

on March 10, 2009 - 3:41pm

Joy unspeakable.......Spring is almost here. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see sunlight.
At lunch yesterday with my coworkers, we struggled with turning up towards the mountains or heading back to the office. Absolutely gorgeous day here in E. Tennessee and the blooms are not even out yet.

Well....I have to mention about Reagan's new little "friend" she has. Very interesting situation. His name is Danny. Adorable kid. They talk on IM and phone and every other electronic device known to mankind. They became pretty good friends about a month ago. One day he IM'd Reagan to tell her he was really upset because everyone hated him because he admitted that he was BI. He liked a boy. As in liked liked. His best friend named Zach to be exact.
Reagan said "well...what does that have to do with our friendship? I'm not gonna hate you for it."

So, he immediately relaxed and they never talked about it again.

She told me about it last week and I was like "Wow...oookay."

I didn't make any kind of deal out of it. They even met up at the mall a week or so ago. Reagan, Danny and Zach running around the mall laughing and having a great time.
They even get on the phone on 3 way and talk.

With our religious background, that particular lifestyle goes against our beliefs. One night at dinner I asked about their relationship and if they like.. held hands or anything. Reagan just rolled her eyes at me and laughed. She said "We don't talk about any of that."
I laughed back and said "Well...ok...just wondering."
Then I said "Well, they seem like great kids, but you know how Dad and I feel about that type of lifestyle as well as our church." Then I went on to say..."You need to look in the Bible and decide what's right in your heart. I can't make your belief system for you."

Gaahhhhh.......they didn't put that chapter in the parenting book!!! LOL!!!

I told her to just try to love people, serve God and serve others and protect yourself the best you can against negative influences. I'll stand in the wings and try to guide her as best as I can, but it's so HARD sometimes.

Who knew I would have to have a convo like this with my kid at 13.

It's hard to stand up for your beliefs without coming off as being a hater.
Heck, I like a band where the lead male singer looks just like a way I'm a hater. He says he's not gay......I don't care what he is. I love their music.

An..y..way.....I just don't want Reagan to have feelings for this kid and wait in the wings in hopes that maybe the switch will flip in her direction. So far, I think it's a legitimate friendship only. Reagan has a lot of guy friends. She says they're easier. Very true!

P.S. Shirley..thanks for explaining a little bit about Lent to me. Interesting!!

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on March 5, 2009 - 4:22pm

My mom came over and hijacked my day off today.....honestly, I didn't mind some "mom time".

We went to this little tea room down the street. They finally reopened after it nearly burned down last year. They have the
best food!

Anyway, we are sitting there and she told me that my dad went for a physical and a test showed that he had an aneurysm on his aorta.

I'm like " That's sort of serious don't ya think?"

She said, "Well his doctor doesn't have the official report from the Echo test yet."


My dad worked for 20 something years out in Oak Ridge at the nuclear plants. So every so often they call former workers back in for a full physical screening. I guess to make sure they aren't "glowing". HAHA.

I called dad back tonight to ask him about it. He said.."Oh they will make sure they find something wrong otherwise the government won't sponsor them."

I said "It's not always about the money trail dad! You better follow up with your doctor about it!!!"

He said "Just relex....I'm a good patient. It will be a week before they get the official test back from yesterday."

My parents are getting up there in years.....69. Hearing is starting to go and stuff like that, but I'm not ready for the other stuff. Who ever is?
I just know my parents will live to be close to 100. They have always been the picture of health.

I'm going to believe that test won't show up anything serious!
*crosses fingers*

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Dear Josh....

on March 2, 2009 - 3:29pm

This is selfish I realize....

but....please don't tour until 2010. or at least late fall 2009.

Somehow I've managed to already have my entire summer planned out.

..and I didn't leave any room for much Josh.

We planned a cruise for the end of May. When I went to pay it off, the girl on the phone said the price had come down $400 bucks!! I said "Hang on a minute...WOOOOHOOO!! Ok...sorry about that." She cracked up laughing.

Then....this friend of mine talked us into sharing a villa in Hilton Head in July. We will be going with a group of friends, but staying in different places. That didn't take much to talk Robert into it.
Who doesn't love a beach trip?

We are so excited. Frankly if we had met these friends before we booked this cruise, we would have just went to the beach instead of a cruise.
It's really rare to find a bunch of people that you really gel with.

It all started in our small group at church. We were a really huge group of about 50 people, then our leader decided we should split 3 ways to keep it smaller.
I was so grieved by that because I liked a lot of people.
Well, all the people that we were friends with went to a smaller group. From that point on we got really close. Always doing stuff together, especially the girls.
It's something all the time.
Our kids play well together. It's almost too good to be true.

Anyway, we are all going to the beach together...and we are thrilled to death. I'm almost more excited about that than our cruise.

In the meantime I'm taking my lunch every day to work and pinching every where I can to pay for all this craziness.

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Ashes and stuff......

on February 27, 2009 - 6:37pm

One of our doctors came in on Wednesday with this big black smudge on his forehead. He's always a crackup, so I thought "This nut has lost his mind".
Then someone mentioned Lent.
I was like..."Ohhhh right, forgot." Being southern baptist....we don't really keep up with Lent. This particular doctor had me giggling all day with this black cross on his forehead. He is the one doctor in our practice that is always right on the edge of what's appropriate. I'm surprised someone hasn't slapped him with a SH lawsuit. So, when I saw the ash on his head, I thought.."Hmm, wonder what he's giving up for Lent.....porno?" ROFL!!

Seriously, to each his own. I don't get Lent. From what I understand of the Bible, it's a daily walk. Not just several weeks out of the year before Easter.

But...hey..if it makes ya feel better about yourself to give up chocolate....or Josh.....I say go for it.


Happy Birthday Josh....


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