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Update I guess...

on January 16, 2010 - 9:11am

Ok, so I haven't written here in oooh... Over a year I think? Wow! So many things happened since then! So to sum it all up somehow, started Uni, had a crush on this guy, flunked the year (one exam, 2 days before 2nd year was about to begin), this guy I had a crush on got a girlfriend, I was bummed out for a looooong time 'till...

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on December 31, 2008 - 4:36pm

ok... so it's already year 2009 here... and I was just looking at the new calendar thinking how time has passed and what will be by this time next year... when I just look at the year behind me... in chronological order, a friendship ended, I went to London and saw Josh in Chess, finished high school, turned 19, got into University, started it, fell in love, tried out for a talent show (I didn't pass btw. but before you go all "I'm sorry" about it, don't, I'm glad I didn't pass, it was an experience and I'm happy to have it, when and if I do music it will be in a different way so don't be sad because I'm not), and yeah... it doesn't seem like much of a year but believe me, it was... I changed a lot as a person, in principles, I'm the same Anja as before, but I learned a lot, not to trust people TOO much because in the end, they are only people and when they have to, they'll do anything to save themselves which is understandable of course... so now I'm just rambling... but I think you know what I mean... oh yeah and to add to my list of things in 2008. I FINALLY started my singing lessons, and got the internet (a big deal if you don't have it), learned a whole new bunch of songs (and that's always good) so yeah... all in all, it's been maybe not a completely happy year, but some of the moments were really great and so the general opinion (mine at least) is that all the bad ones were worth it all... because when you hear Josh sing Anthem, learn new musicals, see some things that just make you smile, make new friends, fall in love... it's always worth it. Every tear was worth it all and I can only look forward to 2009 and seeing what it brings. So here's to you all and 2009! May it be even better than 2009 with even more good friends and music, Josh, musicals, love and just... moments that make it all worth it. ;)

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another update :D

on November 25, 2008 - 11:54am

Ok, so here's the latest update. So number one, I got a letter yesterday that my audition will be next Tuesday. :D So I'm really nervous and excited about that. I just hope it goes well and I don't embarrass myself completely. The other thing, the guy I like, Dario... well, things are coming along. The awkwardness, though still there, is smaller and we're slowly getting to know eachother. And it really seems like he's starting to like me. :D oh my! This is sooo exciting and it just makes me sooooo happy. :D I know Tom, you're still not pleased. :P But I can safely say, that things will be ok. Well, that in any case... no, I think we will be together, weird of me to say this but I have this feeling and who knows? It might just happen! :D *prays*

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to make Tom happy

on November 9, 2008 - 9:51am

Ok, Tom. I just wasn't feeling like writing the entire story. And yes, I know it's not just about being "cute" (I learned that the hard way if you remember :P) but seriously, he's really kind and sweet and confused (LOL), he's older than me, likes reggae, isn't that good in English but wants to improve, he's religious, plays football really good and so on and so forth. I see the guy every day (ok, almost every day) and he knows I like him and it seems he likes me too, we're just taking such baby steps in getting to know eachother which is kinda frustrating at times but also kinda sweet because I still giggle when he tells me something or when he pinched my shoulder to wave me and tell me "hi", so it's nice... and the entire class (other than few girls and a nun! lol!) are working on getting us together because "we'd be such a nice couple"... does this satisfy you? :P

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on November 6, 2008 - 12:23pm

Ok, so here is the most recent update. :D
My singing lessons started last week, yeeeeeey, THANK GOD! Learning the breathing now and later we'll move to the actual singing. Oh my! I'm soooo happy!
And another news, I have a crush on this guy from my class.
His name is Dario and he's soooo cute and kind and sweet and confused! He plays football and is just such a good person! He found out I like him and though he was a bit uncomfortable with it at first, he got more comfortable now and it seems like he may like me too! :D Wooo hooo! :D

When I think of more stuff I'll post :D


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