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Journey to Illuminations

on November 20, 2010 - 8:46pm

I now can not remember when the journey to Illumination began. I can not remember what I was doing before I heard Josh Groban sing. I guess I was listening to other music,reading books, drawing, painting and wandering around, maybe feeling a bit uninspired by life. No problems-lucky even-but not a lot of emotional experiences happening at his phase of life.I think this time was really ripe for a connection to something beyond myself in terms of art and expression. The journey to Illuminations began the moment I heard "Closer" actually. Then there was a journey to "Awake" and "Josh Groban" and the journey to discovering the wonders of you tube ! You mean there are hundreds of videos playing any time I want of Josh singing? Josh playing piano? Josh being goofy?

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Josh is a real person

on October 11, 2010 - 5:28pm

Recently I had the experience of writing about the lyrics to a new song (written by Stevie Wonder) that Josh is singing on his new album. I don't like the religious lyrics and I was wondering why Josh would include a song that was so obviously Christian on an album for a general audience. Of course many people do like the lyrics-especially if they themselves are religious Christians. Josh himself can sing anything he wants! It's his album, his music, his career! He has every right to sing religious music and that is what I stated in my post. I just don't appreciate it since I am not a Christian. Well-you would have thought I was hatching a plot to deliver Josh Groban to the devil! It was an amazing experience-surreal.

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What does it mean??

on September 28, 2010 - 6:40pm

Once again I am being my analytical/psychological self here. I truly enjoy thinking about human behavior and I am fascinated by my own response to Josh and his music. All the excitement on the site and the anticipation of the CD has me giddy as a school girl, as they say.Why am I so enamored by this person and this music? First-the music makes my body do weird things like it makes my heart beat faster, it makes me cry sometimes. If I am walking down the street listening to Josh on my ipod I start to sing in an embarrassing way.

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More Josh Groban Please-OR-It's cheaper than therapy

on September 14, 2010 - 8:03pm

I admit that I use Josh Groban as a human version of prozac. I have never taken prozac but I bet it's not as good as Josh Groban. Plus the side effects are relatively minor. There is the ever present urge to indulge in just one more song when you know it's time for bed. Or the loud singing of Per Te in really bad Italian as you are walking down a quiet residential street at 7am listening to your ipod, but ,hey-I'll take it! How is Josh Groban better than therapy? Well-it's a stress reliever-good for blood pressure(unless you are looking at a picture of the guy while you are listening). It helps in dealing with traumatic childhood experiences since you can use Josh's music to start a huge crying jig that ends up with your memory of your mother liking your siblings more than you.It is better than marriage counseling because you can just imagine your husband IS Josh Groban OR you can imagine that You are Mrs Josh Groban.Should I go on? I must remember if I ever meet the man to attribute my positive mental health entirely to his music.I'm feeling better just thinking about Josh Groban. Aren't you?

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Bringing Josh to work day.

on September 2, 2010 - 4:59pm

well-it was a good idea but it didn't work. This morning I was feeling tired and a little uninspired so I brought Josh Groban to work with me.At least his voice was playing on the cd player in my first grade classroom when my class was at recess. I can not deal with hearing Josh's voice at work. No way.I forget that I am planet earth let alone that 18 six year olds will be running through the door in 10 minutes. I just want to listen to Josh all day. So I have rationed my intake of his music.I can't even listen in the car.It's too much distraction. I might end up in Kansas or Wyoming.This is not a joke. I have a terrible problem with this music. And I want more!!


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