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She talks too much. She never. Shuts. Up.

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on October 20, 2010 - 1:08pm

The "she" in question, is, unfortunately, ME.
That's right. I am apparently incapable of stopping myself from just inflicting endless rambling onto hapless innocent victims that are much more accustomed to my 'observe and contribute sparingly' style. Worse, I launched into what was a 'me me me' topic to a complete stranger. Nice first impression: me unlike me. I must be stopped. Immediately.

Nobody has said anything about my inability to JUST STOP TALKING, but I didn't really give them much chance. In the last two days, I've caught myself being ridiculously verbose THREE times!! my head.....I can hear my conscience screaming at me, "SHUT UP. STOP TALKING. Have you gone MAD?"

I realize what has happened.
When some people get stressed or experience major life altering events, they are more prone to illness.
Apparently, my illness is verbal diarrhea.
IS there a cure for that? A surgery? A medication?

I'll be hiding under the furniture for at LEAST the next two months.

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