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Singing with Josh in New Haven

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on November 20, 2010 - 1:34pm

When I saw that Josh would be performing a series of four shows, and that one of them would be in Connecticut, I made the decision that driving seven hours to see him would be totally worth it.

Then the videos started coming up from the concerts. I saw that on two separate occasions, he'd had people come onstage and sing with him. I freaked out. I knew I had to try and do this, too. I'm a junior voice major at a conservatory, and Josh was the biggest inspiration I had to go into voice in the first place. He and his music have meant so much to me for a very long time now, and one of my highest goals as a singer was to get the chance to sing WITH him. I never thought it would happen. So I knew that I had to take this chance.

November 13, 2010. The day of the concert. it went something like this:
3 am - leave Virginia after not having slept at all because of excitement. (my friend drove first. I got to sleep in the car a bit.)

9 45 am - arrive in CT. We were staying with my aunt who lives about 20 minutes from New Haven. We went to breakfast with my family and then came back to their house to SLEEP.

2 00 pm - can't sleep anymore. (Harry Potter was on tv.. didn't help AT ALL.) At this point, I'm too excited to even sit still so it was definitely time to start getting ready for the concert.

5 00 pm - dinner with my aunt and my friend at a tea house. Still can't stop bouncing/being jittery... causing lots of attention from strangers around us. (oops)

6 30 pm - ON THE WAY TO THE THEATER. I played all the Illuminations songs I had already for my friend. I explained that he gets a copy of the CD when we get back. this is good news, haha. And then we pull into New Haven and experience the thrill of parking in that garage next to the theater... THAT was frightening.

7 00 pm - while waiting outside, we started to run into people that I knew. I told them my plan to sing with Josh. they said I had to be seriously brave to make this happen. I told them I was determined. We started moving into the theater, and my friend and I went to buy t-shirts (which at some point after the show I had misplaced and had to go back and get it. I was distracted.) and then we stood in the line waiting to get to our seats. I was so excited, and so nervous. When they let us into the theater I realized we were much closer to the stage than I had originally thought. I was TOTALLY okay with this.

8 00 pm - they announce Josh and the curtain opens. I LOVED the living room scene, very cute. Josh, Mark, and Tariqh take their places and Changing Colors begins. I'm crying my eyes out. It's awesome.

At this point, my nerves and excitement are fighting over which is more prominant. But after Josh sang Un Dia Llegara, I took my chance. I shouted his name, and FINALLY managed to get his attention (it got loud in there sometimes) and asked if I could sing with him. I wasn't sure if he actually answered or not.. and everyone started telling me to go up to the stage. Some people actually PUSHED me towards the stage when I turned back around because I got nervous.

I walked up, and Josh came over. It never matters if you've met him before, those eyes are gorgeous and could melt even the coldest person's heart. I told him my name and that I loved him. I got an "I love you too," which made my day, and then he asked what my question had been. I asked again, and then told him that I'd met him a couple years ago and had told him back then that he'd inspired me to go into classical voice. He said he would write my name on the white board ("where the naughty students go") and that he would call me up later.

Then he sat down at the piano and started introducing Hidden Away, but distracted himself and said "you know, maybe we should sing something together. I'm actually very curious to see how Lauren sounds now. I got my big break in a similar - well, I didn't ask for it.." (to which I replied, "thanks, Josh!" and that made him laugh.) and then he continued and said, "maybe I'll just start playing something you don't know.. (piano vamp).. Lauren, GO! and, if Lauren is REALLY special, when she doesn't know the words, she'll just dance." I was cracking up. It was so funny. Then he came back to Hidden Away and dedicated it to me.. I immediately started crying again. And then he said "don't you keep that hidden away, Lauren!" and everyone started laughing but I was too busy crying to really notice that part.

Then, when Josh called Gavin and his family onstage (who are all AWESOME people, I was so happy to have met them.), he called me back up too. He was giving us wine, and when he gave me mine he said "you're gonna need this in a minute." (thanks, Josh. ha, ha, ha.) He called me over to stand with him and told me how brave he thought I was, and how even at the point he is now in his career he'd be afraid to do that. I told him I was terrified and that he made me very nervous. He said I made him nervous too, and then held my hand. (I died.) He then asked if I had anything to say to my "public" and I said "I love you?" he said i was already a great showwoman.. haha. we started the song, and I knew you could tell how nervous I was. I could feel my voice shaking. He had walked away towards the piano, but came back and said "that's very nice, very good!" and I tried my best to keep going without totally losing my mind. I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I was singing with Josh.

And then the goofy Josh started. He started doing these weird riff things when I got to the refrain of the song. But when his verse came in, it REALLY got interesting. He was stroking my face, holding my hand... and at one point he got on his knees on the floor. I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder, and he leaned his head against my side. I stroked his hair. (best moment EVER.) By this point the nerves were gone, but I was laughing so hard that my voice was shaking again. Great. We ended the song and Josh gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek (I kissed his too... heehee..) and I thanked him for making my dreams come true. THAT is what I said. NOT what Josh says I said.

As I walked off the stage (because I was about to start crying AGAIN. the moment was too perfect.) Josh goes "I just got groped! She literally just went pluck, from my head and as she was leaving went 'thank you so much!!... EBAY!'" and he flits across the stage. Totally making fun of me. At some point he said "just kidding" but of course everyone was laughing too hard to hear it. So now everyone thinks I'm selling his hair on ebay. I'm gonna tell him I sold it for $10,000. (Josh, if you read this... I will maintain you groped me first. :P)

I am still in shock that I got to sing with the person who has inspired me to even go into classical training at all. It was not only the highlight of the night, but the biggest, most incredible moment of my life so far. I will always remember it. Thank you so much, Josh, for letting me do that. Even if it was a little unorthodox. You have seriously made my life. Thank you.

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