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Axis of Zion

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on March 27, 2011 - 11:01am

Axis of Zion
Axis of Love (Air, Land, Water Supremacy in Prayer and Revivals underway)

1. Holy spirit will be magnified in Japan, Myanmar, New Zealand and all those affected by Earthquakes.
2. Korea and Philippine missionaries will magnify the name of the Lord all over Asia. Mass migration and baptism underway. Many will see miraculous healing and restoration.
3. Yeshiva in Israel will travel the US Evangelical and Pentecostal; charismatic churches (Catholic).
4. Israel will experience mass restoration of vision and ears for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Their souls will be magnified in the name of YHVH! Their Allies will multiply in the surrounding Arab Nations and Western Nations.
5. Underground churches and missionaries in the Arab Nations and Asia will baptize and perform miracles despite the persecutions.
6. US will provide mass movement of teachings within the US, Europe and send forth the Holy Spirit while casting away all the sorceries and gay spirit / false lifestyles.
7. Music and dance transformation will develope and children will be healed from the deceptions. Divisions will occur but the boldness of the youth in Jesus Christ will gain power and boldness in the days to come.
8. Testimonies of people who are redeemed from their sins and pain will expand on many medias.
9. Children will be born and celebration will continue.
10. The media will witness to the testimonies of people in many developing countries.
11. Gay men and women being transformed will in fact become powerful in evangelizing and equiping men and women.
12. Men will be knighted into various fronts, innovation, medicine, teaching, evangelization, mass transportation, energy renewal. They will fight the demonic forces with wisdom to save the children and women as catastrophe comes one after another.

Praise be to God
Our Lord Jesus Christ Reigns in Spirit and in Truth!

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