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on May 27, 2011 - 1:04am

Much about life is simply found in depth of our souls
I was watching Idol last night or some singer who showed very young singers singing the creep. Interesting that the vibrational vortex must have sent the message to all seeking inspiration.

It's a lie to believe in what people tell you about who you are. There are 4 quadrants. What you know about you that you only know. What they know about you that you don't know. What you and other both know and what what both of you don't know.

When a person is chosen for the task it may appear that people or the person made the effort to make one chosen. The real chooser is in fact invisible - much like an angel who is always present but never mentions. Angel Gabriel came to Mary but others do not know.

It's funny because people takes ownership in people they endorse when in fact the person is chosen by the One above.

Example the Mic is present at each show but nobody really notices that it looks like a sperm and a circumcise penis. It resonates when one sings and speak. It's a reminder that at some point in time we are all part of that particle in life outside of our body coming from the ancestors. Sick idea but it's too obvious and we miss the connection.

Honestly many shows like to take credit for your success but in fact it's the other way around. They are blessed by your success and you are the instrument of their survival.

Best approach is to thank them and let their egos be fed. Shower them with love and move on!

The stage is like a stage coach

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