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ET For Fun

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on July 13, 2012 - 8:53am

Wanda began her teachings on the beauty of parody and mystical expansion of the minds that comes along with it....

She finds herself able to let loose from the UST (unresolved sexual tension) that has been developing between her and the principal.

She steps in the Starbucks and heard a song...
She smiles thinking, " What is song talking about? A fackileo...OH! Galileo...He's not a Galilean boy? What's this all about...Hmm...sounds really poignant but I don't think it has anything much to do with Galileo." So she looked at the counter... "Who is this singer? Sounds really familiar?" The man at the counter with fairly large black rimmed glasses responds, " Josh Groban you know You-Raise-Me-UP?" Wanda, " It sure is up every morning right?" The cashier name John, "Yeah! You're right!" and gave her her 6 pump non-fat venti chai.

Wanda bought the CD and said to herself, "Makes a great parody for a real man's concept of his "Fackileo." Funny she thought...How many people goes and sings songs from all these musicians not realizing that they are always about sex, drugs and everything else in between. Then again of course she said in a sultry voice in her head..."I have a dirty mind indeed but let's see what this man-child Josh Groban has in mind!"

She pulls out the lyrics and started to transform the messages.

Quickie Lessons - A Parody

Peeling the layers of Galileo we will find the truth is truly a huge matter!
However the green mind does not let anything get past...

Fakileo fell in love
As a Fakilean boy
And he wondered what in Heaven,
Who invented such a joy?
(Sure does give much pleasure)

But the question got the better of his scientific mind
(Scientific? What! Really Josh?)
And to his ecstatic and post climactic days he looked up high and often sighed
And sometimes cried:

Who puts the rainbow in the sky? (Must be some really luscious breast...Ahh...Huh Skies?)
Who lights the stars at night? (Beautiful nipplies?)
Who dreamt up someone so divine,
Someone like you and made them mine?
Wanda, " Ohh Please does your dick make you think all that?"

Love can make you ask some funny questions now and then
But just remember the alternatives
Wanda, "Oh yeah like condoms if they fit right don't really feel as good as the real thing but it somehow protects you..."

For I remember when I was lonely,
And unhappy and my dick were cold as ice
But you kissed me and good Heavens,
Now I'm here in paradise

So if I'm ever not kissing you or looking in your eyes
(Ohh He calls penetration "Kissing?")
I won't be blind and I won't cry
I'll look up high and gladly sigh

And thank the guy
(Ohh! He thanks the GUY! How greatful!)

Who puts the rainbow in the sky
Who lights the stars at night
Who dreamt up someone so divine,
Someone like you and made them mine
Someone like you and made them mine

Wanda thought to herself, "What a deep connection Josh have with his very important package from the Most High! Funny women don't quite have this naming game with our own Private parts...except for when I stared at my breast and said...Thelma?! Louise? ! what are we going to read today? Wonder what Shawn calls his Fackileo?"

Gotta go for a quickie lessons... Running late!

"Class let's listen to Galileo and let me see what you can come up with!"

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