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I'm gonna djew them all!

EstherT1's picture
on May 26, 2011 - 1:27am

Salute to all that you do Josh!
I'm so mesmerize by you
In time and place
It's incredible

I can do all things
in painful disarray of life
Long as I think of you
My heart true

I will shake the heavens
Just to hear you once again
I'm jaded, empty and blue

Show me what is true
Show me what is you

I know the videos
yet I don't know
I know there's stories
yet I don't know
I know the stars
yet I don't know...yet
I admit it tears me out to loose
sight of you

What I have and what I lost
You don't know
What I gave up is not for me to tell
What tears me up I can't tell
What brings me here I can't tell
What dreams I have I can't spell
What songs I sing when I see you
I can't tell
Whatever I read I don't know what is true
I see them and it speaks to me
But are they real and what is tru?
The pictures, the videos the number of jokes
Is it because of you?

I'm running at every door
I'm running at every stream
I'm running at every valley, peaks and dreams
I'll open every window, every heart, every soul
Just to figure out if it's true

I'll mark every window
Every door
Every stone
Every peeble

I'm chasing rainbow
I'm chasing leaves
I'm chasing petals

I'd give you all that I have
I give you all
I'm lost llike a piece of crystal in the snow...

You captured my heart
But I lost the key
You captured my truth
till it's lost at sea

I always remember...
Yet did you give up on me?
I always recalled each moment
yet you couldn't trace me...

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