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on November 20, 2012 - 2:45am

I cannot believe that I'm in so much Peace...It's like a body of water encircles me and cradles me into a place of divine rest. Like a bird in a nest...I feel the warmth of peaceful embrace.

In this new chapter of embracing forgiveness...I am growing more fondly of beautiful imagery all around me. Like an imaginative bird the sky vibrantly greets me. This is so unusual from the usual grey and rainy mood I had been in. Now that the weather has change from the fall to winter...I am feeling quite sunny and delightful!

I can sense a great undoing from the past grudgery and endless toils of muttering about. As if piesces of the puzzle has had it's turbulent season...I am now gently gliding in new items with grace into the fabric of mosaic landscape.

I can sense a greater appreciation for the people around me. More genuinely than before. I just pray for peace to overflow and for melodies to fall upon hearts and minds of people around me.

So I should end it right here...

I'm looking forward to a wonderful partnership of peaceful contempation. A new beginning filled with memories - painted blue and white...Awake!

With Cheers and great love,


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