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Really weird

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on December 15, 2011 - 1:24am

I met a young man so much like Joshy. His name is Dillon from New York. He was a definite cutie and a really articulate and full of charisma. It was a joy to spend time with him at church meeting where we discuss Art and spirituality. A few of the men at church in Status looks geyish! That's fine by me concerning young hip Church! Dillon seem like a dandy and engaging!
Gees! I must be getting over Josh! I told myself! Perhaps I'm not jaded anymore. After all Josh is an icon not anyone I can hug!

Dillon was at church a few times and I swear we must have bumbled into each other a few times! Coincidence? Or flattery? Then one day for chuch greeting we hugged! It was great I thought! And so we hugged again! There is something mutual perhaps! On the second thought, why not hug a few more men and not let some lingering lust hang loose. So I did! There's Mark! And a few others! Still Dillon was a better hugger!

So mon came and this man came lingering in my mind...Tues....still there... Wed! I can't wait! He hangs out with the rest of us at Mark's place! So he's a staten Island young man and if it's not for church decency I want to stroke his hair! He was funny and very devonaire! Not even his smoking habit bothers me! Strange! I'm sure he is younger than me but so what!

Then the conversation went! Before I die...What do I want...

He wants to have family bar, internet, a journal and he loves to chronicle. Catholic Jew! Then as conversation went he goes "I'm going to NY 12/21! Then Jan I want to go to San Francisco! You see SF is like Hollywood and NY having a baby, that would be San Francisco! "
How cute I thought! Son freakisco? Or Son Fogcisco! I held my tongue! So he goes I am so glad we are connected...your such a blank Slate...that's cause I asked about Key West! He reached out for my hand...then he goes I'm not much of a drinker but I'll be turning twenty one next year! And I am a young 35! Insane.

Wow! What a revelation! And I let this man go swimming in my head while I go to bed! OMG! I've dated younger men...not this young! This son of a gun is telepathic I can tell... Shit he didn't possibly read me as having interest in him..and he doesnt seem to mind! Ok...delete the crushing thought!

So a song went in my brain...I'm just half the age I used to be...Man a feel like an older woman! Shiz! Sheets! Shites! Relax Jack! At least he didn't say he is gay...not yet!

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