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on December 7, 2010 - 3:45am

Nick and Jacob arrived at the Octagon Club in New York. Estella and her cousin Monica came to meet up with Nick and Jake. Nick makes a nice gesture of greeting Estella with a kiss on her hand for sheer flattery. Estella quite pleased and introduces Monica with long silken black hair. For a moment Jacob recalls Celeste as she was leaving and her hair flowing down. Monica is beautiful with a hard core New York demeanor - a business woman, fast talker and snappy.
All four were seated on a VIP table overlooking a stage for Comedy skit.
Socks comes flying in the air as two men in their half dressed outfit puts on their working clothes. Their names on the shirt Mark & Spencer.
Music intro...
Ta tat tad a
Ta tat tad a
Ta tat tad
Ta tat ta da
Holy Tuxedo
Markie Markie
do you really
Do you really
have holey soxs
in your shoesy
Is it chilly?
Are you toasty?
Is it tingly?
Wash it up
before they get too stinky
(Hope you get the tune)

(Toni Braxton How could an angel break my heart)
How could an Angel mend your broken sox
How many angels does it take to mend Spencers broken sox?
I wish I didn’t have to saw socks so much…
How could we mend your broken soxs
Or is it time to hit the sac
Why can’t you catch a brand new sox.
How many angels does it take to clean your old and dirty sox

Shakespear episode of the Broken sox
Oh Sir Mark!
Oh Sir Spencer!
Wherefore art thy sox?
Thy sox so dirty
Holey and smelly
It’s a chilly
Winter in Decembri’
Juliet (on the Balcony, Shakespear calls out!)
Oh! Juliet
Bring him thy sox
Send him
Some sox

And on that day
On a starry wintry
A sox from
Heaven fell on
On Sir Mark and Spencer's lair
That nite…

(You have to imagine an old british accent. I don’t know how it ends…
But I sure hope it’s good)

I don’t recall you play your sax o phone.
Sorry, I’m a bit eclectic –
I mean dyslexic
I’m spelling it quite right I hope
Is it time to hit the sac to knight,
for some girl to mend tuxedo’s sox
Lots of sox tonight to mend
Is it at your commend?
Say Ay!
Say Ay!
Say Ay!
Say Ay!
Say Ay!

Socks comes flying in the air by the piano and a screeen comes up with the shadow of Jessica Rabbit with dark hair and sexy tube dress, gloves and stockings. She comes singing...

Hi! My name is Esther Riskque'
I'm a student at NYU by day
I'm a goody two shoe
that's true
but dances on the screen for play

My clothes are from 5th Sax
I play the sax-o-phone
And If I'm not at home
I'm here to dance alone...

She moves seductively to the floor, gently swinging her hips across the room with the song "Hey big spender!" She flirtateously view each men in tuxedo. She removes her gloves slowly but got stuck with her left arm. She stops short, continues with music and removes her left fishnet stocking but as she pulls it off it get's stuck again. The two men attempts to remove the glove that's stuck and falls off. Comes again as the music..."Hey big spender!" Esther Risque tries to pull the fishnet stockings and ends up kicking them. She concludes the song by saying, "I supposed somebuddy did not pay full price... That's all folks! (bunny sounds) and the two men lifts her up from a seated position on a sofa. Socks starts flying in the air!

The two men comes back... Both will play on the piano
We work in Stock Market
We chase the bull
We watch the bear
But it's an aweful scare
when stocks are up and down
Worse than our socks in repair
and we got no money to declair!

This concludes soxwatch comedy. (I jetlog and I'm finally sleepy!)


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