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on April 19, 2011 - 7:58am

Thank Jew very much for all that you do! I know it's not always too flattering but I do mean it to all the beloved geeks and chickies!

Of all places New Orleans....
1. Pray to find all doors and for doors to open
2. Find already opoen doors
3. Find doors that are half-way open
4. Find doors with good porters who wouuld like to open the door.
5. Find businesses that are open to classics
6. Find the students, teachers, churches and...
7. Find all the geeks that does all the computer work and advertisements.
8. Find all the black women who loves to ignite and spark.
9. Find all the wedding planners in town.
10. Find all the women in business
11. Find all the Jackies, Ruth, Esthers, Mary, Roses, Sharons, Debbie, etc.
12. Repeat above with 10 more people!
...II can keep going but I have to work.
Don't forget to reach out to the blind and deaf...They can sense good music and if possible I would like to request interpreters of music and initerpretative dances to continue.

I'm working on changing the atmosphere in New Orleans in J_S_S name!
Lots of cleaning up to do and cobwebs to remove...
Lots of dirty little things on the ground and around... I have lots to do in the land of the pirates. For the sake of the children I will be your "friendly little shackay!" Shackay is my new name that requires the Hawaiian pinky and thumb to shake and little butty to skake as well! Say Hey!

Now, before I go I have to give kishes and kushes to every little lashes and fingers! No more ears for now because they are too sensitive for kishes! Hogs? Anyone want some hogs? I give out hogs and Haggais for the folksies! Nobody gives better hogs than I do...Now if I start giving Hoagies (Pittsburgh sandwiches) called Stake to You that would just make everyone jump into the scene faster than lightning!

Louisiana is perfect for Sand Witch "Stake to You!" Kosher beef and hummus on the side! Holy cow!

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